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Roy L. Johnsen has written:

'Altitude test of several afterburner configurations on a turbofan engine with a hydrogen heater to simulate an elevated turbine discharge temperature' -- subject(s): Airplanes, Testing, Turbojet engines

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Iwer Thor Lorenzen is a Danish author known for writing books on leadership, personal development, and the power of positive thinking. He has authored several popular self-help books aimed at helping individuals achieve their full potential and lead more fulfilling lives.

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John F. Lorentzen has written:

'The manager's personnel problem solver' -- subject(s): Personnel management

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Iwer Thor Lorenzen has written:

'Evolution durch Inkarnation und Metamorphose' -- subject(s): Anthroposophy, Evolution, Folklore, Metamorphosis

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Q: What has the author Iwer Thor Lorenzen written?
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