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What has the author Jack L Wilson written?

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Jack L. Wilson has written:


'Dissection manual' -- subject(s): Anatomy, Dissection, Human anatomy, Human dissection, Laboratory manuals

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What has the author N L Wilson written?

N. L. Wilson has written: 'The concept of language'

What has the author L R Wilson written?

L. R. Wilson has written: 'The university library'

What has the author Cecil L Wilson written?

Cecil L. Wilson has written: 'Comprehensive analytical chemistry'

What has the author A L Wilson written?

A. L. Wilson has written: 'A regression manual' -- subject(s): Regression analysis

What has the author Jack L Summers written?

Jack L. Summers has written: 'Lair of the wolf'

What has the author Jack L Davis written?

Jack L. Davis has written: 'Sandy Pylos'

What has the author Jack L Thurston written?

Jack L. Thurston has written: 'The adventures of Skoot Skeeter'

What has the author Jack L Canfield written?

Jack L. Canfield has written: 'The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be'

When was Jack L. Wilson born?

Jack L. Wilson was born in 1936.

When did Jack L. Wilson die?

Jack L. Wilson died in 1986.

What has the author Jack L Willcuts written?

Jack L. Willcuts has written: 'Sense of the Meeting' 'A Family of Friends'

What has the author Bradford L Wilson written?

Bradford L. Wilson has written: 'An edition and study of William of Conches' Glosses on Juvenal's Satires'

What has the author Jack L Bracelin written?

Jack L. Bracelin has written: 'Gerald Gardner' -- subject(s): Witchcraft

What has the author Milton L Wilson written?

Milton L. Wilson has written: 'Biography of Mary Hartwell Catherwood' -- subject(s): Accessible book

What has the author C L Wilson written?

C. L. Wilson has written: 'Corrosion and the maintenance engineer' -- subject(s): Corrosion and anti-corrosives

What has the author Rodney T L Wilson written?

Rodney T. L. Wilson has written: 'PETRUS VAN DER VELDEN (1837-1913)'

What has the author Jack L Goldberg written?

Jack L. Goldberg has written: 'Differential equations' -- subject(s): Differential equations

What has the author Jack L Ferracane written?

Jack L. Ferracane has written: 'Materials in Dentistry' -- subject(s): Dental materials

What has the author J L Wilson written?

J. L Wilson has written: 'Three-stage approach to groundwater control, design, and evaluation for strip mines'

What has the author Lanford Wilson written?

Lanford Wilson has written: 'Gingham Dog' 'The rimers of Eldritch' 'The Hot L Baltimore'

What has the author Jack L Taylor written?

Jack L. Taylor has written: 'Fundamentals of marketing, additional dimensions' -- subject(s): Marketing

What has the author Jack L Sparks written?

Jack L. Sparks has written: 'Jewish educators' perceptions of professional role, problems and issues'

What has the author Jack L Rettig written?

Jack L. Rettig has written: 'Careers' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Vocational guidance

What has the author H L Wilson written?

H. L. Wilson has written: 'Points to consider in establishing a cheese factory' -- subject(s): Cheese factories, Planning

What has the author Jill L Wilson written?

Jill L Wilson has written: 'Spruce aphid in the Southwest' -- subject(s): Spruce, Defoliation, Aphids, Diseases and pests

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