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John Bicknell has written:

'John Bicknell'

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Q: What has the author John Bicknell written?
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What has the author Ethel E Bicknell written?

Ethel E. Bicknell has written: 'Hayle and Phillack'

What has the author James Bicknell written?

James Bicknell has written: 'Bicknell & Seager's Division court manual' -- subject(s): Court rules, Courts, Forms (Law), Ontario. Division Courts, Ontario

When was John Dustin Bicknell born?

John Dustin Bicknell was born in 1838.

When did John Dustin Bicknell die?

John Dustin Bicknell died in 1911.

When was John Bicknell Auden born?

John Bicknell Auden was born in 1903.

When did John Bicknell Auden die?

John Bicknell Auden died in 1991.

What has the author B R Bicknell written?

B. R Bicknell has written: 'Testing and evaluation of TOX-SCREEN model' -- subject(s): Safety measures, Chemical industry, Poisons, Analysis, Manufactures

What has the author Peter Bicknell written?

Peter Bicknell has written: 'Gilpin to Ruskin' -- subject(s): English Art, Exhibitions, Modern Art 'British hills and mountains' 'The Illustrated Wordsworth's Guide to the Lakes'

What has the author Les Bicknell written?

Les Bicknell has written: 'Bonded' '6 conversations in landscapes' 'Balcons' 'One person's book is another persons [sic.] cheese sandwich' 'Book art project' '8 plus'

What has the author A J Bicknell written?

A. J. Bicknell has written: 'Wooden and brick buildings with details' -- subject(s): Architecture, Brick Building, Designs and plans, Details, Wooden Building 'Bicknell's stables, out buildings, fences, and miscellaneous details' 'Bicknell's school house and church architecture' 'Bicknell's village builder' -- subject(s): Architecture, Designs and plans, Details, Domestic Architecture, Victorian Architecture 'Bicknell's public buildings' 'Specimen book of one hundred architectural designs' -- subject(s): Architecture, Designs and plans, Domestic Architecture 'Bicknell's street, store, and bank fronts'

What has the author Frank W Bicknell written?

Frank W. Bicknell has written: 'Alfalfa and beef production in Argentina' -- subject(s): Alfalfa, Agriculture 'Alfalfa and beef production in Argentina' -- subject(s): Alfalfa, Agriculture 'The animal industry of Argentina' -- subject(s): Animal industry, Domestic animals

What has the author Geo W Bicknell written?

Geo. W. Bicknell has written: 'History of the Fifth Maine Regiment' -- subject(s): History, Regimental histories, United States, United States Civil War, 1861-1865, United States. Army. Maine Infantry Regiment, 5th (1861-1864)

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