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Joylene Campbell has written:

'Working paper' -- subject(s): Lakeland Library Region, Libraries and community

'Automation evaluation report' -- subject(s): Automation, Dynix (Computer system), Evaluation, Libraries, Saskatchewan Provincial Library

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Joylene Campbell is the author of several fiction novels, including "Worst Nightmare," "Dead Wrong," and "MΓ’towak: Woman Who Cries." Her works often delve into themes of suspense, mystery, and psychological trauma.

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Glynnis Campbell has written:

'My hero' -- subject(s): Chaplains, Fiction, History, Knights and knighthood, Man-woman relationships, Social life and customs

'My Hero (Knights of de Ware)'

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Glennon Graham has written:

'Education and the law in white man's country' -- subject(s): 19th century, African Americans, Education, Education and state, History, Social conditions

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Q: What has the author Joylene Campbell written?
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