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Leonard R. Askham has written:

'Protecting strawberries from birds with netting and mylar tape'

'Existing private outdoor recreation land and water resources in Washington counties, 1974'

'Backpacking equipment selection and safety' -- subject(s): Equipment and supplies, Backpacking

'Survival kits' -- subject(s): Wilderness survival, Survival and emergency equipment

'Guidelines for selecting planning consultants'

'Snowmobiling safety' -- subject(s): Snowmobiles

'Campground prices for overnight accomodations, day use, storage, boat and motor rentals, 1977'

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Leonard R. Askham has written multiple novels focusing on Science Fiction and fantasy genres. Some of his notable works include "The Shifter War" and "The T'ai War."

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Paul David Askham has written:

'Forecasting and strategic planning in an electronic components manufacturer'

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Q: What has the author Leonard R Askham written?
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