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Melvil Dewey has written:

'Traveling libraries' -- subject(s): Traveling libraries

'Sistema De Clasificacion Decimal Vs03'

'Decimal classification and relative index ...'

'Introduction to Dewey Decimal Classification for British schools'

'Summaries' -- subject(s): Dewey decimal Classification

'[Agriculture scheme for decimal classification]' -- subject(s): Books, Agriculture, Dewey decimal Classification, Classification

'... Library school rules: 1. Card catalog rules' -- subject(s): Cataloging, Library science

'Decimal classification and relative index for libraries, clippings, notes, etc.' -- subject(s): Books, Classification

'Decimal clasification and relativ index for libraries and personal use in arranjing for immediate reference books, pamflets, clippings, pictures, manuscript notes and other material' -- subject(s): Decimal Classification

'Decimal classification' -- subject(s): Decimal Classification

'Dewey decimal classification, DDC' -- subject(s): Books, Classification, Computer engineering, Dewey decimal Classification, Electronic data processing, Computers

'Sistema De Clasificacion Decimal'

'Decimal classification and relative index' -- subject(s): Dewey decimal Classification

'DDC, Dewey decimal classification. 301-307 sociology' -- subject(s): Sociology, Dewey decimal Classification, Classification

'On libraries' -- subject(s): Libraries

'dewey decimal classification 19th edition'

'Classification decimale de Dewey' -- subject(s): Dewey decimal Classification

'Table 2 Geographic Areas'

'Decimal clasification and relativ index' -- subject(s): Dewey decimal Classification

'Decimal Clasification and Relativ Index for Libraries and Personal Use: In ..'

'Abridged decimal classification and relative index' -- subject(s): Decimal Classification

'DDC, Dewey decimal classification summaries' -- subject(s): Dewey decimal Classification

'Decimal classification and relativ index for libraries' -- subject(s): Books, Decimal Classification, Classification

'Dewey Decimal Classification and Subject Index for Arranging the Books and Pamphlets of a Library'

'An Introduction to the 19th Edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification'

'Librarianship as a profession for college-bred women' -- subject(s): Library science, Vocational guidance, Women librarians

'200 (religion) class' -- subject(s): Religion, Books, Decimal Classification, Classification

'Decimal classification and relativ index for arranging, cataloging, and indexing public and private libraries and for pamflets, clippings, notes, scrap books, index rerums, etc.' -- subject(s): Decimal Classification

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Q: What has the author Melvil Dewey written?
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