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Nancy L Van Pelt has written several books on a variety of topics related to mental health and well-being. Some of her popular titles include "The Power of Clear Thinking" and "The Friendship Factor." She often explores how positive thinking and social connection can impact our lives.

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Nancy L. Van Pelt has written:

'Dear Nancy--' -- subject(s): Christianity, Letters, Marriage, Miscellanea, Parenting, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Parenting, Sex

'Smart Dating for Teens'

'The Compleat Tween' -- subject(s): Christian life, Conduct of life, Hygiene, Sexual, Juvenile literature, Puberty, Sex instruction for youth, Sexual Hygiene

'How to turn minuses into pluses'

'Highly effective marriage' -- subject(s): Communication in marriage, Man-woman relationships, Marriage, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Marriage

'To have and to hold' -- subject(s): Marriage

'From this day forward' -- subject(s): Domestic relations, Courtship, Family, Parent and child

'The compleat parent' -- subject(s): Child rearing, Christianity, Parenting, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Child rearing, Religious aspects of Parenting

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Nancy Ann Van Wie has written:

'Mystery at the White House' -- subject(s): Animals, Fiction, Koala, Mystery and detective stories, Stealing, White House (Washington, D.C.)

'Travels with MAX to the Supreme Court'

'Mystery at the Baseball Hall of Fame' -- subject(s): Animals, Baseball, Fiction, Juvenile fiction, Koala, Mystery and detective stories, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

'Travels with MAX to the US Capitol (Travels with Max)'

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Ann Van Winkle has written:

'Me, God, and the machine' -- subject(s): Biography, Christian life, Chronic renal failure, Home hemodialysis, Kidneys, Patients, Transplantation

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Q: What has the author Nancy L Van Pelt written?
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