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Nola Mae Wittler Ross has written:

'Louisiana's Acadian homes and their history' -- subject(s): Architecture, Colonial, Architecture, Domestic, Architecture, French, Cajuns, Colonial Architecture, Domestic Architecture, Dwellings, French Architecture

'Pioneers of Calcasieu Parish' -- subject(s): Biography, Social life and customs, Pioneers

'Airplanes for breakfast' -- subject(s): McFillen Air Park, Biography, Lake Charles, Air pilots, Airports, Women air pilots, History

'Hurricane Audrey' -- subject(s): Hurricane Audrey, 1957, Biography, History

'Mardi Gras in Calcasieu Parish' -- subject(s): Social life and customs, Carnival

'Southwest Louisiana veterans remember--' -- subject(s): World War, 1939-1945

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Nola Mae Wittler Ross is known for writing "A Soldier's Diary: From the Front Lines of World War II", which is a collection of letters and diary entries from her father who served in the U.S. Army during WWII.

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Q: What has the author Nola Mae Wittler Ross written?
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