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What has the author Old burgess written?

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Old burgess. has written:

'To the worthy free burgesses of the borough of Colchester'

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What has the author F W Burgess written?

F. W. Burgess has written: 'Chats on old copper and brass'

What has the author Molly Burgess written?

Molly Burgess has written: 'Still'

What has the author A M Burgess written?

A. M. Burgess has written: 'From the cradle to the grave'

What has the author James A Burgess written?

James A. Burgess has written: 'Burgess, Mullins, Browning, Brown, and allied families'

What has the author Burgess written?

Burgess has written: 'The oaks; or, the beauties of Canterbury. A comedy, as performed at the theatre in Canterbury. Written by Mrs. Burgess'

What has the author Lynda Burgess written?

Lynda Burgess has written: 'Cross Stitch from Nature'

What has the author David Burgess written?

David Burgess has written: 'People, cities and the countryside'

What has the author Katharine Stanbery Burgess written?

Katharine Stanbery Burgess has written: 'God winks'

What has the author H W Burgess written?

H. W. Burgess has written: 'Studies of trees'

What has the author R L Burgess written?

R. L. Burgess has written: 'Behavioral sociology'

What has the author Francis Henry Burgess written?

Francis Henry Burgess has written: 'A dictionary of sailing'

What has the author C V Burgess written?

C. V. Burgess has written: 'Discovering the theatre'

What has the author T K Burgess written?

T. K. Burgess has written: 'LOLA II'

What has the author Barry Hovey Burgess written?

Barry Hovey Burgess has written: 'Burgess genealogy, Kings County, Nova Scotia'

What has the author David Lowry Burgess written?

David Lowry Burgess has written: 'Burgess' -- subject(s): American Art, Art, American

What has the author Robert F Burgess written?

Robert F. Burgess has written: 'Mystery of Mound Key'

What has the author John Burgess Calkin written?

John Burgess Calkin has written: 'A History of the Dominion of Canada'

What has the author Eric Burgess written?

Eric Burgess has written: 'Exit Pretty Poll' 'Anti-Zota'

What has the author Thomas H Burgess written?

Thomas H. Burgess has written: 'The physiology of mechanism of blushing'

What has the author Victor Burgess written?

Victor Burgess has written: 'Language in the multi-ethnic primary school'

What has the author Daniel Maynard Burgess written?

Daniel Maynard Burgess has written: 'Personal and Professional Recollections'

What has the author Mary Katherine Burgess written?

Mary Katherine Burgess has written: 'Cooking, chewing, chatting with Mary'

What has the author Susan A Burgess written?

Susan A. Burgess has written: 'ChildRead' -- subject(s): Books and reading, Children

What has the author G C Ian Burgess written?

G. C. Ian Burgess has written: 'Black lunacy'

What has the author Angela Burgess written?

Angela Burgess has written: 'The erosion of marriage' -- subject(s): Marriage law

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