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What has the author PJ Girard written?

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P.J Girard has written:

'Country Life and some Insular Enterprises of the late 19th Century'

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What has the author Marcel Girard written?

Marcel Girard has written: 'Germinal de Zola'

What has the author Henri Girard written?

Henri Girard has written: 'Le XIXeme siecle'

What has the author Francoise Girard written?

Francoise Girard has written: 'Science museums in need'

What has the author Girard Haven written?

Girard Haven has written: 'Creating a Soul' 'Thoughts'

What has the author Louis-Dominique Girard written?

Louis-Dominique Girard has written: 'Mazinghem'

What has the author Claude Girard written?

Claude Girard has written: 'Les cavaliers du soleil'

What has the author P J Girard written?

P. J. Girard has written: 'My Occupation memories'

What has the author Fred Girard written?

Fred Girard has written: 'Durango' -- subject(s): Biography

What has the author Howard Girard Hall written?

Howard Girard Hall has written: 'The prophet's paradise'

What has the author Stephen Girard written?

Stephen Girard has written: 'Explanatory statement to accompany the memorial of Stephen Girard' -- subject(s): Commerce

What has the author Louis J Girard written?

Louis J. Girard has written: 'Corneal contact lenses'

What has the author Maurice Girard written?

Maurice Girard has written: 'Les insectes' -- subject(s): Insects

What has the author Guillaume Girard written?

Guillaume Girard has written: 'The history of the life of the Duke of Espernon, the great favourite of France'

What has the author Bruno Girard written?

Bruno Girard has written: 'Exploring high dose effects of a bisphosphonate (HEBP) on osteogenesis in vitro'

What has the author Jean-Claude Besson-Girard written?

Jean-Claude Besson-Girard has written: 'Decrescendo cantabile'

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Robert Girard has written: 'Learn art in one year' -- subject(s): Drawing, Study and teaching

What has the author Peter J Girard written?

Peter J. Girard has written: 'Peter Girard's Guernsey' 'More of Peter Girard's Guernsey'

What has the author Claude Rene Girard written?

Claude Rene Girard has written: 'Convective cloud dynamics' -- subject(s): Physics Theses

What has the author Wilfrid-Hidola Girard written?

Wilfrid-Hidola Girard has written: 'Le solitaire de la montagne qui dort'

What has the author Pat Girard written?

Pat Girard has written: 'Flying machines' -- subject(s): Aeronautics, Airplanes, Airships, Flying-machines, Juvenile literature

What has the author Albert Girard written?

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What has the author Thierry Girard written?

Thierry Girard has written: 'Informatique pour les sciences sociales' -- subject(s): Computers, Electronic data processing

What has the author PJ Hodgson written?

P.J Hodgson has written: 'Developments in war photography'

What has the author PJ BENTLEY written?


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