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What has the author Trevor Emslie written?

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Trevor Emslie has written:

'Regional levies handbook'

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What has the author Macdonald Emslie written?

Macdonald Emslie has written: 'Goldsmith: The vicar of Wakefield'

What has the author Barry Emslie written?

Barry Emslie has written: 'Bertolt Brecht and the problem of a Marxist dramaturgy'

What has the author A Gordon Emslie written?

A. Gordon Emslie has written: '[Data acquisition and analysis' -- subject(s): Cosmic magnetic fields

What has the author B Leslie Emslie written?

B. Leslie Emslie has written: 'Fertilizer economy in war time' -- subject(s): Fertilizers

What has the author William Arthur Emslie written?

William Arthur Emslie has written: 'A direct method for the measurement of control rod worth in a nuclear reactor'

What has the author V W Emslie written?

V. W. Emslie has written: 'The immune response of hooded rats to infection with Trypanosoma brucei and Litomosoides carinii'

What has the author Trevor Timpson written?

Trevor Timpson has written: 'Acceptable risk?'

What has the author Trevor Grimshaw written?

Trevor Grimshaw has written: 'Stilled life'

What has the author Trevor Nunn written?

Trevor Nunn has written: 'Writing in the sand'

What has the author Trevor French written?

Trevor French has written: 'Imperial dispatches'

What has the author Trevor Machin written?

Trevor Machin has written: 'To speak to the dead'

What has the author Trevor Hungerford written?

Trevor Hungerford has written: 'NME Crossword Book'

What has the author Trevor Ternan written?

Trevor Ternan has written: 'Story of the Tyneside Scottish'

What has the author Nicholas Trevor Hill written?

Nicholas Trevor Hill has written: 'Leasing'

What has the author Trevor Holloway written?

Trevor Holloway has written: 'The design of entertainment centres'

What has the author Trevor Conan Kearns written?

Trevor Conan Kearns has written: 'Terrorism'

What has the author Trevor M Hinds written?

Trevor M. Hinds has written: 'The new struggle'

What has the author Trevor Stuchbury written?

Trevor Stuchbury has written: 'Fluorescent adenosine nucleotide analogues'

What has the author Trevor Bavage written?

Trevor Bavage has written: 'Metals' -- subject(s): Metals

What has the author Trevor Roach written?

Trevor Roach has written: 'Bilingual pupils and secondary science'

What has the author Trevor Eppehimer written?

Trevor Eppehimer has written: 'Protestantism' -- subject(s): Protestantism

What has the author Eric Trevor Owen written?

Eric Trevor Owen has written: 'The story of the Iliad'

What has the author Steven D Emslie written?

Steven D Emslie has written: 'Avian community, climate, and sea-level changes in the Plio-Pleistocene of the Florida peninsula' -- subject(s): Birds, Fossil, Fossil Birds, Paleontology

What has the author George Emslie written?

George Emslie has written: 'A countryman's anthology' -- subject(s): English poetry, Nature in literature 'The last of the wooden walls of England' -- subject(s): Great Britain, Great Britain. Royal Navy

What has the author Trevor McGillivray written?

Trevor McGillivray has written: 'Touch not this cat' -- subject(s): Biography

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