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William S. Mitchell has written:

'East Sussex' -- subject(s): Guidebooks

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What has the author William Hinckley Mitchell written?

William Hinckley Mitchell has written: 'Moses Mitchell, c1698-1775, and his descendants to the ninth generation' -- subject(s): Genealogy

What has the author William John Mitchell written?

William John Mitchell has written: 'The music forum' -- subject- s -: Music appreciation, Music, Theory, Musicology

What has the author John William Mitchell written?

John William Mitchell has written: 'A history of theories of functional harmonic progression' -- subject(s): History, Music theory, Harmony

What has the author William Mitchell Naylor written?

William Mitchell Naylor has written: 'Religiosity and intended academic major' -- subject(s): Applied Psychology, Psychology, Applied, Psychology, Religious, Religious Psychology

What has the author William Forbes-Mitchell written?

William Forbes-Mitchell has written: 'Reminiscences of the great mutiny 1857-59' -- subject(s): English Personal narratives, History, Personal narratives

What has the author J S Mitchell written?

J. S. Mitchell has written: 'An abdication' 'Treatment of Cancer'

What has the author Mitchell S Rothman written?

Mitchell S. Rothman has written: 'Uruk Mesopotamia & Its Neighbors'

What has the author Nathan S Mitchell written?

Nathan S. Mitchell has written: 'Two Heartbeats Away'

What has the author Joseph S Mitchell written?

Joseph S. Mitchell has written: 'Studies in radiotherapeutics' -- subject(s): Radiotherapy

What has the author D S Mitchell written?

D S. Mitchell has written: 'Ecology of water weeds in the neotropics'

What has the author Samuel S Mitchell written?

Samuel S. Mitchell has written: 'In memoriam' -- subject(s): Death and burial, Sermons

What has the author John Mitchell Mitchell written?

John Mitchell Mitchell has written: 'The herring' -- subject(s): Herring fisheries, Atlantic herring

What has the author William E Mitchell written?

William E. Mitchell has written: 'Readings in state and local finance' -- subject(s): Local finance, Public Finance 'Common stocks for common sense investors' -- subject(s): Investments, Stocks 'Readings in macroeconomics' -- subject(s): Macroeconomics

What has the author Herbert S Mitchell written?

Herbert S. Mitchell has written: 'Manual for school accounting' -- subject(s): Accounting, Schools

What has the author Mitchell S Ricketts written?

Mitchell S. Ricketts has written: 'Muskrat trapper's guide' -- subject(s): Muskrat, Trapping

What has the author Marie Mitchell written?

Marie Mitchell has written: 'The art of decoupage' -- subject(s): Decoupage

What has the author Leeds Mitchell written?

Leeds Mitchell has written: 'Introduction to sailing' -- subject(s): Sailing

What has the author Mitchell Smith written?

Mitchell. Smith has written: 'The art of caricaturing' -- subject(s): Caricature

What has the author David Mitchell written?

David Mitchell has written: 'An introduction to logic' -- subject(s): Logic

What has the author Roger S Mitchell written?

Roger S. Mitchell has written: 'The homosexual & the law' -- subject(s): Homosexuality, Law and legislation, Sodomy

What has the author B S Mitchell written?

B. S. Mitchell has written: 'Embryology' -- subject(s): Embryology, Human Embryology, Embryonic Development

What has the author Mitchell S Ross written?

Mitchell S. Ross has written: 'An invitation to our times' -- subject(s): American National characteristics, Civilization

What has the author Eleanor Mitchell Traweek written?

Eleanor Mitchell Traweek has written: 'Of such as these' -- subject(s): Biography, History

What has the author Dugald Mitchell written?

Dugald Mitchell has written: 'Tarbert past and present' -- subject- s -: History

What has the author Jack Mitchell written?

Jack Mitchell has written: 'American dance portfolio' -- subject(s): Dancers

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