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what did the moon look like the past week? what did the moon look like the past week?

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Q: What has the moon looked likethe past week?
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What did the moon look like this week?

It mostly looked like a full moon most of the week. Now it is waning away.

What has the moon looked like this week?

The moon moved into a full moon on Monday August 11th. Now the moon is began waning into the new moon on August 25th.

What has the moon been like for the past month and week?

i dont know

What is the past tense of week?

there is no past tense for week

What has been around for a million years but is only a week old?

I am thinking you mean the moon.

What was the moon like on Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday this week?

During the week of Sunday the 1st of March 2015 to Friday the 6th of March, the moon was a waxing gibbous moon until Wednesday when it was practically full, being completely full on Thursday and just past full on Friday as it started to wane.

Why does the moon seem to change shape from week to week?

well, the moon and sun block it

When you see a new moon and after a week which phase of the moon will you see?

After a week from new moon, you'll see a half moon. This is more correctly called the First Quarter phase of the Moon.

Why does the moon look different from week to week?

Because as the moon is moving around the earth the earth is moving around the sun, meaning each week a different amount of light is hitting the moon because of the position of the sun and moon to earth

How long it is from new moon to first quarter moon?

about a week!

Does a new moon a week to go to a full moon?

yes it does.

What is a moon phase a week after a full moon?

We see a Half Moon illuminated. The name of this phase is called Last Quarter. First Quarter is 1 week before a Full Moon.