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Mandarin, a Chinese language, is a first language spoken by 935 million people.

BASICALLY if this is a homework question them its Mandarin

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Q: What has the most native speakers?
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What language has the most speakers?

English has the most speakers with approximately 2 billion speakers worldwide or 30% of the world's population. Most people mistake Mandarin for having the most speakers with 935,000,000 speakers, but Mandarin is the language with the most native speakers. English has the most speakers total. Only about 600,000,000 native speakers for English.

What's the most spoken languages in Europe?

1st. Russian With 106,000,000 Native Speakers 2nd. German With 97,000,000 Native Speakers 3rd. French With 66,000,000 Native Speakers 4th. Italian With 65,000,000 Native Speakers 5th. English With 50,000,000 Native Speakers

What is the language with the most native speakers?


Language with most speakers?

English has the most speakers, approx. 2billion mandarin Chinese has the most native speakers (1st language), approx. 900million

What language has the most non-native speakers?


What is the most common spoken language in Europe today?

By native speakers, it is German. By total speakers, it is English.

Which is most spoken language in world?

Most widely/Most spoken language- English (spoken virtually everywhere on Earth, number of speakers range from 1.5-2 billion speakers) Most number of Native (1st language) speakers- Mandarin (spoken generally in China, number of native speakers are about 800 million)

What is the most spoken language in the EU?

German as the national language of Germany and Austria has about 90 million native speakers in the EU. This puts it ahead of English, which has about 64 native speakers in the EU and French with about 63 million native speakers in the EU.

Are there more English or Spanish speakers in the world?

If you are talking about native speakers, English and Spanish are about tied. If you are talking about total speakers, then English has the most.

How many native speakers of French are there?

There are 76 million native speakers of French. There are an estimated 274 million total French speakers (native speakers plus second language speakers).

What is the most used language in Europe?

If you are simply counting by native speakers, the population of Russian native speakers is higher than that of all other native speakers within Europe (followed by German, French, and English). However, English has effectively become a lingua franca across Europe and has the highest number of cumulative native speakers and secondary speakers across Europe.

What is the 4th most spoken language?

By native speakers, the fourth most spoken language is Hindi. By total speakers, again, the fourth most spoken language is Hindi.

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