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What have Kevin and Jodi said about the Gosselins?


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August 02, 2009 12:49AM

Jodi is married to Kate's brother Kevin. Jodi and Kevin recently gave an interview stating that they feel the eight children are being exploited. According to interviews with Jodi and Kevin, Jodi left the show after it was decided she would not receive a salary for her appearances. Additionally, they stated Kate does not bake and she did not do her brother's chores as a child.

In a July 30, 2009 interview on the Early show Kevin Kreider (Kate's brother) spoke out in defense of the Gosselin chilren's well being stating that TLC systematically barred relations with the family's social network. He stated this isolation was entirely for the benefit of the reality show without regard for the welfare of the Gosselin children. Because of this harmful dynamic, he felt the only way to advocate for the children was to speak out on national television. (See related links for video of the interview.)

In a May 27, 2009 interview on the Early Show the Kreiders said their underlying motivation for speaking publicly about the Gosselin's marital woes is the welfare of her eight nieces and nephews, "Our goal is, first and foremost to speak out for the children because they don't have a voice," Kreider said.

She said that the TV couple is well aware of her sentiments that they are too focused on their fame and haven't put enough toward their marriage and children.

"Jon and Kate know exactly how we feel and hopefully, other people will start watching the show differently and realize what is all about," she said. "And hopefully, things will change." She said that, more often than not, her advice has been received with a "Thanks, but no thanks" attitude, as the Kate has told Jodi (a mother of four herself) she can't possibly understand their tribulations because she does not have eight kids.

"When we have expressed our concerns to them, the response is, 'This is our life, we would just like you to support us and what we are doing, we are doing the best we can."