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Q: What heading of the social programs of the 1930s come?
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From which social strata of colonial society did loyalists tend to come?


How much did Johnson's Great Society cost?

The Higher Education ActThe war on poverty.Formation of medicareAnother TakeIt is not possible to calculate the true cost of LBJ's Great Society programs. Considering just one such program, MediCare, the unfunded mandate measures in the tens of trillions of dollars. MedicAid, another Johnson brainchild, is just as bad off. Social Security, Johnson's model, has been bankrupt almost since its founding in 1935; only "creative" accounting by Congress has maintained its flimsy reputation as some sort of 'trust fund,' funded of course with worthless federal paper. Generations to come will reckon the cost of the Great Society programs.

Will upper class people accept reducing government programs?

It is not so much a matter of "upper class" alone, it's mostly a matter of either being Republican or Democrat. The rich who are Democrats usually are in favor of Government programs in the field of social security, education and stimulation of the economy. But the majority of the rich are Republicans, and these in general are all for reducing Government programs. They favor reduction out of their belief that the Federal Government should leave them alone as much as possible. It was the Republicans who in the past eight years - and generously funded by a number of ultra-conservative Republican billionaires - fought Obama's programs every step of the way. With the advent of Donald Trump as the Republican champion, many existing Government programs will probably face reduction or even annulment. The rich who consider themselves Republicans will probably be in support of that.

What is the right to come together to advance some political or social cause?

People have the right to gather in public to march, protest, demonstrate, carry signs and otherwise express their views in a nonviolent way.:)

What was John Hancock position on slavory?

John Hancock's family owned one slave when he was a child to help with housework. The 13th ammendment that abolished slavery didn't come around until 80 years after his death. Given his upbringing and the social norms of the time, he was probably okay with slavery, but didn't hold a strong position on either side.

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new deal

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