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It is not so much a matter of "upper class" alone, it's mostly a matter of either being Republican or Democrat.

The rich who are Democrats usually are in favor of Government programs in the field of social security, education and stimulation of the economy. But the majority of the rich are Republicans, and these in general are all for reducing Government programs. They favor reduction out of their belief that the Federal Government should leave them alone as much as possible. It was the Republicans who in the past eight years - and generously funded by a number of ultra-conservative Republican billionaires - fought Obama's programs every step of the way.

With the advent of Donald Trump as the Republican champion, many existing Government programs will probably face reduction or even annulment. The rich who consider themselves Republicans will probably be in support of that.

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Sure they will. They will come out on top in the deal because their taxes will be reduced, but the rest of us will have less services with higher taxes. Trump plans to compress the tax from 7 levels to 3 giving the richest people the biggest tax breaks. A man has been elected that didn't pay taxes for 19 years, but people seem to think he will help the little guy. Hold on to your hat because the middle class will get the brunt of the policies to reduce services in health and other ways.

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Q: Will upper class people accept reducing government programs?
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