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i believe it is good for hair and nails. :)

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Q: What health benefits does fish oil consumption confer?
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What types of benefits from eating orange roughy fish?

There are several benefits from eating orange roughy fish. Some benefits are the vitamins, minerals, heart health, less fat than other fish.

Does consumption of milk and fish at a time causes any health hazard?

Usually milk and fish together is not a problem. There are recipes that call for fish to be cooked in milk.

What are the main health benefits of eating oily fish?

It's good for you when it's not produced and it fresh and NOT fried

Are there benefits of fish oil for my health?

Fish oils are 'fatty acids' which our bodies cannot produce themselves. Studies have shown there are many health benefits to taking fish oil supplements, including boosting the immune system, relief of IBS, aid with arthritis etc. In young children they also promote healthy brain development.

What are some benefits of using an Eheim external filter in one's fish tank?

The benefits of using an Eheim external filter in one's fish tank are many. It offers flexibility in terms of space management. Also, it has high water throughflow performance and energy consumption is low.

Is it good to have 3000 different fish in a 1000 inch tank?

Please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fish will be crowded and oxygen consumption would be to excessive for fish to survive fish will be crowded and oxygen consumption would be to excessive for fish to survive

Can I find the health benefits of fish oil online?

Yes. Check out for all the information you ever wanted to know about fish oil. Let me know if I can help out further.

Does eating fish generate heat in the human body?

Fish would only generate heat in the human body if one is allergic to it, which could result in a fever. There are many health benefits, and hazards, in eating fish.

What are the benefits of taking fish oil?

Research on omega-3 continues to reveal new discoveries about the benefits of this essential nutrient to our health. Omega-3 fatty acids are the "good" type of fat. Since our bodies cannot manufacture these, we need to get a regular intake either through natural food sources like salmon, mackerel and other fatty fish, or take pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements. The benefits of fish oil are many:Fish oil helps to regulate normal cholesterol, triglyceride levels and blood sugar levels.Fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is thus used to support joint health.Fish oil promotes immunity.Fish oil helps support memory and cognitive functions in the pre-natal stage of development, childhood growth and in the aged.Fish oil promotes healthy eyes, skin and hair.There is much more to fish oil and scientists are still delving deeper and finding new benefits. It is one supplement that everyone should take for a regular dosage of omega 3 fatty acids. Fish oil supplements like Triple Strength Omega 3 contain triple the potency of ordinary health grade fish oil. Pharmaceutical grade fish oils do not contain contaminants like mercury and other heavy metal associated with fish consumption.

What are the health benefits of cod liver oil?

Cod Liver Oil is fish oil very high in Omega 3's good for your health or you can take Omega 3 capsules

Are panga fish safe?

Panga is a white fish that has been deemed safe for consumption.

How effective are fish oil capsules?

Fish oil capsules are said to have many benefits. However, there is little evidence of any true health benefit. There are great articles that clarify this issue on DailyMail and CNN.

Can I get the same benefits from fish oil supplements as I can from eating fish?

Yes it will give you the same benefits just do not overdue it with the supplements.

Regular consumption of fatty fish will leads to?

blood pressure

What are the benefits of taking Omega 3 supplements?

The benefits may include cardiovascular health, joint health, brain health, bone health, cognitive health, weight loss -- that's just to name a few. I've done a little study on the benefits which is why I take a daily softgelsupplement that contains 600 mg EPA, 200 mg DHA , 50 mg ALA and resveratrolfor its heart health benefits, Vitamin D3 for bone and immune health and L-theaninefor relieving stress.I don't find these ingredients in other fish oil capsules I have looked at. However, that is just anopinion and doesnot necessarily reflectthe findings of other people taking omega 3 supplements.

What did Elijah mean by chunking the fish?

Chunking a fish usually means cutting it up as in processing it for human consumption.

Benefits Of Omega Fish Oil?

Adding omega fish oil to your diet has several benefits. It is available in many forms, including liquid and capsules. Since the 1930s, people have known of these benefits, and the supplement has gained popularity in recent years. These oils are thought to have properties to alleviate many disorders and contribute to good health.What is omega fish oil?Omega fish oils contain omega-3 fatty acids, a naturally occurring animal fat. These oils are found in many oily fish species, including salmon, herring, tuna, mackerel and lake trout. Fish oil contains two important fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and decosahexaenoic acid (DHA), both of which are important in growth and maintenance of the body.Health benefitsSome of the most significant benefits of omega fish oils are to the heart and cardiovascular system. Consumption of the oils is proven to reduce triglyceride levels and increase levels of 'good' cholesterol. It can also prevent abnormal heart rhythms and slow the hardening of arteries. Another system that benefits is the body's joints. Fish oils can help to reduce inflammation of the joints. They are often recommended as a daily supplement for those suffering from different forms of arthritis. In addition, they can reduce inflammation associated with diseases, such as Alzheimer's, cancer, autoimmune disorders and psoriasis. Many people also believe that omega fish oils have anti-aging effects. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to slow the degeneration of protective caps covering chromosomes. This prevents chromosomal damage, the leading contributor to aging. It can also help prevent macular degeneration and preserve a person's eyesight.There are numerous benefits to taking a omega fish oil supplement. Some of the benefits include reduced cardiovascular and heart problems, anti-inflammation properties and anti-aging properties. Experts agree that taking an omega fish oil supplement is a great way to add more omega fatty acids to your diet. There are several health benefits that are already proven, and there are many more that are currently under research.

Is the supply of fish for human consumption endless?

It depends. As long as humans do not over-fish or introduce foreign species of predatory fish into an area, there should be enough fish to last for eternity.

What are some health benefits of omega fish oil?

Well it is proven that it may help reduce caner risk. Also is reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Fish oil also helps during pregnancy, it helps develop the infants brain.

What does oily fish give us?

It has been demonstrated that adding oily fishes to our diets can have many benefits to our health. It can prevent suffering cardiovascular diseases and other types of health risks. This is because they are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

What is wrong with fish consumption in first 2 trimester?

one of the risks is undercooked or improperly cooked fish can have parasites that can hurt the fetus.

Importance of fish cultivation in the Philippines?

Fish cultivation is important in the Philippines due to feeding the growing population and ensuring a consistent supply of fish. Fish have many nutritional values for consumption, also.

What are three benefits of mucus on the exterior of fish?

You. Can. Lick it.

What are the risks and benefits of eating fish?

fishy down there ;)

What are the benefits of eating fish?

There are many benefits to eating fish. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and low in fat making it a very heart healthy food.