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Q: What health issues need to be addressed when large intestine is removed - ileostomy?
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What has the author Kay Marshall written?

Kay Marshall has written: 'Moving forward' -- subject(s): Health and hygiene, Ileostomy, Ostomates, Popular works, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Ileostomy

About how big around and the long is the small intestine?

health, intestinal health, digestive system, intestines

Organ responsible for most foods and water absorption?

I have been studying health for about a year now, and I think it is the liver.

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When male reproductive health issue occurs when part of the intestine pushes into the scrotum?

Inguinal hernia

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What is the organ responsible for food and water absorption?

The small intestine is where most nutrients are absorbed, but the large intestine is responsible for most water absorption

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discuss how dimmas encountered in relation to implementing systems and policies for health, safety sercurty be addressed.

How does fiber affect gastrointestional health?

Fiber is important for its beneficial affects gastrointestional health. This is because it absorbs moisture and allows for easier passage of feces through the large intestine.

What is the posterior part of the small intestine called?

jejunum... which is located between the duodenun and the ileum of the small intestine. pg.509 saladin Anatomy & Physiology

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