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What helped Anne Frank become important?

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What helped Anne Frank to succeed?

What helped Anne Frank to succeed was her bravery and her family's support.

Who helped anne frank achieve her goal?

Anne Frank's goal was to become a writer and to have her diary published. Her father, Otto Frank, helped her achieve her goal after she died by finding and publishing her diary.

What people helped Anne Frank and her family?

anne frank was helped by a jewis family during ww1 !!

How was Anne Frank important psychologically?

anne frank is important physchology because it helps her body become healthy and pro duce menstration like nicole a gelsano

What should you all know about Anne Frank?

She was a very important person amd that her diary really helped the world know more about The Diary of Anne Frank

When did Anne Frank first become famous?

google anne frank

What were Anne Frank's important contributions?

Anne frank helped out her family while they where in hding from hitler and his army wjile they where invading the netherlands in 1940

What did anne frank do to become important?

She wrote a diary of what everything happened. When she died, Mr. Frank found her diary and published it. She became important of history and what it was like.

What is some important information about Anne Frank?

* Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 * Anne Frank died in 1945

Who helped furnish the anne frank house?


Who helped Anne Frank when they went hiding?

Miep Gies

Who helped anne frank go into hiding?

Miep and Mr.Krahler

What does Anne want to become when the war is over?

Anne Frank wants to become a journalists when the war is over.

Why is Otto Frank important?

Otto Frank is Anne Frank's father.

What type of flowers did Elli bring for Anne in Anne Frank?

Elli brought grape hyacinths to Anne Frank. This exchange can be found in Anne Frank's own journals, which have become known the world over as "The Diary of Anne Frank."

How did Anne Frank help during the war?

Anne Frank was of course not famous during the war, it was only afterwards (and after her death) that she is considered to have helped.

What important events did Anne Frank have?


What is the important contribution of Anne Frank?

Her diary

In the book Anne frank why do you think the adults argue so much over politics?

The adults argued about politics because politics had become an important part of their lives. The Diary of Anne Frank was published in 1947.

Was Anne Frank older than Margot Frank?

No. Margot Frank was older by 3 years. I just got done watching the year 2000 version of Anne Frank. Hoped this helped.

Important event of anne frank?

When Anne was born, got her diary, and her death.

Did Anne Frank study a lot?

yes, miep and margot helped her

Who helped furnish the rooms for hiding in the diary of anne frank?


Who was Kraler in Anne Frank?

Mr. Kraler was one of the people who helped Anne Frank and her family hide from the Nazis. He helped them get the annex ready and keep them hidden from the Gestapo. His real name was Victor Kugler.

Who wrote the diary of Anne Frank?

Anne Frank wrote The Diary of Anne Frank.