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Q: What helps produce light in fluorescent lights?
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Which state help produce light in fluorescent light bulbs?

Which state helps produce light in fluorescent lightbulbs?

What state helps produce light in fluorescent light?


Which state helps produce light in fluorescent light bulbs?

New York

Compact fluorescent lights are better for both our wallet and the environment but do they produce better light than the traditional incandescent bulbs?

Yes, the compact fluorescent light produce more light as compared to the same wattage of incandescent light, it is scientifically proved.

Do fluorescent lights produce heat?

Yes. They're cool compared to incandescent bulbs of the same light output, but they do produce some heat.

What are cfl lights?

A CFL light is a Compact Fluorescent Light.

What is the most unflattering light to do makeup in?

Fluorescent lights!

Is fluorescent lights fixtures ac or dc?

The basic fluorescent light fixture is AC, although there are fluorescent lights powered by DC.

Type of light that produces little heat?

fluorescent lights

How often do fluorescent lights have to be changed?

Depending on the size of the light and how it is used, a fluorescent light can have a lifespan of anywhere from 8,000 to 30,000 hours. Fluorescent lights tend to lose their brightness over time, so it is recommended to change the light bulb before it burns out completely.

What are lights names?

* Incandescent * Fluorescent * LED (light emitting diode)

What kind of light bulb gives off the most heat?

Incandescent bulbs produce the most heat for a given amount of light; fluorescent lights produce much less heat, and LED produces the least.