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Often gas pain is caused by the bowels not moving properly, or by an abundance of acidic liquid diarreah like stool, also not moving comfortably through.

An APPLE can ease the symptoms of gas pain by relieving constipation, loosening stool, and absorbing excess liquid in the intestines. It is important that you feed the sufferer an actual fresh apple, not juice, not dried or canned or cooked. The pectin in the apple is what has the beneficial effect and pectin is most concentrated in the fresh apple. Any processing of the apple can damage or remove pectin and reduce the effect. Plus apple juice which is high in sugar may worsen the problem.

I was a preschool teacher for 8 years, and we often had kids that had gas pain. I would ask the child when was the last "number 2", and often constipation was a factor. I would then feed the child slices of apple and water until the apple was gone and in a few minutes to an hour, the "flow" had been reestablished, pain gone. No harsh chemicals, plus some vitamins and fiber. And not to hard to get a kid to eat an apple. Try it once for constipation, child or adult, and you will be amazed.

Here's a link to some science to explain why Apples ease gas pain and constipation.

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