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Perseverance, cleverness. Both shown by Odysseus.
cleverness, courage and perseverance
strong clever persistant a good leader
the heroic qualities that odyessues displays are that he is courageous,persistant and outgoing.

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What heroic qualities does Odysseus display in the section against the cyclops?

He displayed bravery and quick thinking

What heroic qualities do Odysseus Telemachus and Penelope have in common?

Their clever minds and ability to trick and persuade easily.

What heroic qualities does Odysseus reveal in book 10?

The qualities of an epic hero are super human strength, noble birth and a connection with the gods. In book ten Odysseus discovers that his men have been captured and turned to pigs by Circe. With the help of Hermes, Odysseus over powers the enchantress-goddess and rescues his men.

A protagonist who lacks heroic attributes and qualities is called what?

A protagonist who lacks heroic attributes and qualities is called an Antihero.

List qualities that Odysseus had that you consider heroic?

Brave Ruthless Intelligent Quick Careful Driven by what's right Loyal check the Odyssey or Children's Homer

What heroic qualities does Krishna have?

He was a statesman, king maker, had divine powers and qualities.

What does Odysseus the god do?

In Greek mythology, Odysseus is not a god, he is a hero. He makes a heroic voyage, known as the Odyssey.

What kind of hero is Odysseus?

odyesseus is an honorable heroic person

Who are characters that show heroic qualities in Henry IV part 1?

Hotspur, early in the play. King Henry compares Hotspur's heroic qualities with those of Prince Hal, and Hal does not come close. However, by the end of the play, we discover that Hal is not the layabout he appears to be and has heroic qualities of his own. King Henry also shows heroic qualities in his dealings with Hotspur despite his illness.

What qualities do you think would make a person heroic?

Acting Heroic doesn't make you Heroic. Being Heroic makes you Heroic. Anyways, Being honest when it comes to fear, preparing for the worst, not giving up.

What is one heroic quality that Odysseus exhibts?

One heroic quality that odysses exhibits is courageous, very strong and full of passion.

Based on Tiresias' prediction what heroic qualities will Odysseus need to rely upon as he continues his journey?

Odysseus will need great courage & willpower & even though he will need to be extremely cunning (all of these are heroic traits), he still decides to continue on to be able to see his family & gain glory and honor.Odysseus will have to first of all rely on his qualities of leadership and survival when he deals with a shipwreck. He is also going to have to rely on his stoicism and skills as a warrior when he returns home and has to slay his wife's suitors. Finally, he is going to have to rely on his skills of exploration when he goes to a land which has never heard of ships.

What heroic abilities or traits do Achilles Hercules and Odysseus share?

amazing strength

What are some of Odysseus' heroic actions?

going to the underworld....trojan horse...etc

Which character other than Odysseus in part two of the odyssey is heroic?

Penelope is the most heroic, because she save Odysseus' kingdom. She set up gave him more time by doing and undoing the loom everynight. To add on she gave a challenge to the suitors on an impossible task about shooting an arrow with Odysseus' bow.

Which character in Part 2 of the Odyssey is the most heroic besides Odysseus?

yo mama(: and my friend

What was king Odysseus heroic quest?

Odysseus's heroic questsThe Lotus EatersThe CyclopsThe SirensScylla and CharybdisCalypso's IslandThe Land of the PhaeaciansFate of the Suitors

What kinds of qualities does Odysseus have that make him a good friend?

The kind of qualities that Odysseus have that makes him a good friend is by telling his men the truth about everything and by listening to his men through the troubles that goes by.

What was Oscar romero heroic qualities?

He had lots of SWAG and he was awesome because he wore snapbacks.

Qualities that start with the letter H?

honest, hard-working, handsome, heroic, happy

What qualities mark Odysseus as a hero?

courage, bravery, good leader

What are qualities that Harry Potter has?

Loyal, heroic, bold, often stubborn, protective of those he loves.

What are the heroic qualities of the military?

very smart,strength,Leadership,courage, and most of all passion.

Why does the cyclops hold Odysseus and his men captive?

Polyphemus finds Odysseus' men tasty.

Why is book 14 and the relationship between Odysseus and Eumae os significant to Odysseus' heroic status?

It shows that even after Odysseus has been gone for so long, his servants and people can still love him and hope for him to come home.

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