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all of them

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Q: What high school classes do I need to take to become a dental assistant?
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What are the best schools to become a dental assistant?

Inqurie your local school boards and dental clinics to learn. They can tell you which schools are best to go to in order to become a dental assistant.

How does a dental assistant get certified?

Dental assistants have to graduate high school, and usually need some kind of postsecondary education in dental health to become dental assistants. Junior colleges and career schools offer dental assistant training courses that last from 9 months to two years. The best courses are the ones approved by the American Dental Association. In school, dental assisting students learn about oral hygiene and patient care, plus general health and science topics. Training continues on the job, where dental assistants can do clinical work, administrative duties, or a combination of both.

How long does a person have to attend school to become a dental assistant and what type of school?

Many local colleges offer dental assistant degrees such as community colleges. You can see this site for other places to find that degree:

Do you have to go to college to become a dental assistant?

Assuming that you're referring to a high school diploma, yes you do need one to become a dental assistant. How would you feel to have someone in control of your mouth who didn't graduate high school.

I want to be to become a dental assisant.?

The amount of time can vary depending on which school you attend, but you can bet on spending at least 2 years if you attend part time. You can attend a technical school, or a 4 year college to become a Dental Assistant.

How many years of study does it take to become a dental assistant?

To be a dental assistant you will need a 4 year bachelor degree with a major in pre-dentistry. If you would like to run your own practice or be a dentist, you will need an additional 4 years of study at a dental school.

DO you need math classes to get in dental school?


Is there a top recommended school in Miami for dental assistant?

Yes, there is a top recommended school in Miami for dental assistant. You can read an article on it at

What kind of school is needed for a dental assistant career?

some of the institutes offers the dental assistant course with the certification. you can check on this

What type of dental training is available in my area to assist me in becoming a dental assistant?

If youd like to learn more about becoming a dental assistant, contains information on how to become certified, how school accreditation works and why it'ss important, and the different dental assisting courses youll complete as part of your training.

How many legislative districts does maricopa county have?

If you're looking to become a dental assistant, you can enroll in a 1 year certification program through a dental vocational school. If you are looking for a dental assistant, you could try posting an ad on Craigslist.

Will dental assistant training transfer any credit to a DDS career study?

Yes, of course. Your assistant training certification is a good credit for you at dental school. After obtain that certificate, you have a great chance to go to dental school.