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AP classes, Honor classes as well as classes with "enriched" or something similar in the title would be good. They tend to not like too many gym classes or "easy A" classes either.

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Q: What high school classes look best on a college application and will help you to get into Ivy League or Ivy League calibur schools?
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What schools offer veterinary technology classes?

There are a number of schools that offer veterinary technology classes. One can take such classes at schools including 'Durham College Ontario', 'Palo Alto College' and 'Sanford-Brown'.

Which schools in Chicago offer dance classes at college?

Schools that offer college dance classes in Chicago include Columbia College Chicago and Academy of Dance. These schools offer great dance programs for prospective students.

What websites offer college classes online?

Websites that offer college classes online include APUS, Phoenix, and AIU Schools. Most colleges have their own websites where they offer college classes online.

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The website Education News has a listing of 43 schools which offer classes for medical coding. Among these are Cypress College, Empire College School of Business and City College of San Francisco.

What are some schools in Philadelphia that offer home inspector classes?

There are schools in Philadelphia that offer home inspector classes. One college that offers home inspecter classes is Penn Foster. The website is

Which schools offer classes in diesel mechanics?

Diesel Mechanic work can be fascinating. There are a number of schools that offer diesel mechanic classes, some of which are College of Ozarks and Utah State University.

What phlebotomy schools are available in the Los Angeles area that offer night and weekend classes?

There are several phlebotomy schools in Los Angeles area offering night and weekend classes. One of these schools is Abrams college in Modesto.

What schools offer online criminal justice programs?

I think it would be online or college can have great classes for that can make you very educated in your career that would be the place to go college or online classes if they have it.

Where can you get classes on photography at?

A local community college or university should offer some classes in photography. Art schools or community art centers are another resource for finding these classes.

Do you know of any respiratory therapy schools that offers weekend classes for people who work full time?

Many therapy schools offer weekend classes. Borrough of Manhattan Community College is a good example of a school that offers weekend classes.

What are some creative writing schools?

You can major in creative writing during college. You can look into English classes.

Where are the best LPN classes in Missouri?

Looking for great schools to get your LPN at? Try Colorado Technical University, Concorde Career College and Sandford Brown College. They are all great schools that you will not regret going to.