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Q: What high school grades in percents are considered great?
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Do you have to be in all advanced classes in high school to be a pediatrician?

No. You only need to have really good grades in the classes you take, get into a good college, get great grades in your college classes, and go into medical school

Can you get scouted to USC?

yes you just have to be really good and have great grades and a good background to be scouted to that school

Does studies say that studying help your grades?

It is confirmed that studying is very effective when it comes to better grades in school. Studying for test, exams can refresh what you have already learned and will give you a better chance at great grades.

How long does it take for law school grades?

Unfortunately, it takes a great deal of time, often a month or more. I have started a new semester and did not known what my grades from the previous semester were.

How many percents of couples divorced in the Great Depression?

About 10,000 give or take

What is Rogue River JR SR High School?

A combination of a junior high and a senior high school grades 7th-12th very great school located in the rogue vally

What high school did Lionel Messi go?

Lionel Messi attended school but it is not known where he went to high school. Lionel Messi is a footballer for the Barcelona football club.

What do you have to do to get into Harvard College?

You definitely need to get great grades…not just good grades, but great grades. A high GPA and a high SAT score are a must. After you accomplish this, start thinking about ways you can separate yourself from the competition. Extracurricular activities are very important. Lastly, make sure you want to go to Harvard. I know a lot of students that thought they wanted to go to their dream school, but when they got in and went to that school, they were really disappointed. Pay attention to what actual students of Harvard are saying.

Should my son be considered for grade 7 summer school to reinforce the grade level for language and mathematics if he is averaging 84 in both?

No, 84 is a great mark, where I live 70% is needed for college and 80+ is great, he is already working hard, don't stress him out or else his grades are going to drop, let the kid enjoy his summer =D

Do you have a good shot at getting into Medical School?

Now this all depends, if you have good grades try very hard and believe that you have what it takes, then yes you have a great shot at getting into medical school. Good luck!

What are some great strategies for high school football recruiting?

While in high school potential football players can be noticed by scouts and agents by doing a number of things. First on the list is to go to camps where the agents or scouts will tend to be. Talk to them. Video tapes of personal plays are a great way to show skills. Keep grades as high as possible. Someone with high grades and great athletic skills are potential candidates for a bursary or a scholarship.

Child has been bullied over several years school has failed to act what can you do?

new school. My brother was bullied over years in a school that didn't care. he developed major OCD and had panic attacks. he moved to a new school and has neve been happier. He has great grades and great friends. hope you sort it. good luck