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They need HM 04 Strength Surf and waterfall


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Go to mt.silver after you beat the elite four

after you beat the elite four, it will be on route 25.

You can get Shiny Pokemon at ANY TIME! From when you get your starter, till after you beat the Elite Four.

you defeat the elite four by training a particular Pokemon and getting it to a high level(e.g. lv64) you also give it the best four moves that you have. try to give it moves that have a lot of pp though because you need to defeat the elite four who have a lot of Pokemon!

You can go to Kanto and beat the Gym Leaders and Elite Four there. You can also get Kanto and Hoen starter Pokemon.

Primarily beat the gym leaders and beat the elite four

In HeartGold, Lance is the champion, so you'll have to defeat the Elite Four before you can battle him.

you can't because the elite 4 is just the same as the one from jhoto

Talk to Lance after you beat the Elite Four and he'll give you his cape

Beat the elite four/pokemon league. You will then have access to the Kanto region. Hope I helped!

in heartgold, koga is a member of the elite four. his daughter, janine, took over his duties as gymleader.

You receive johto badges, kanto badges, then go to the elite four on indigo plateau like in the orrigional Pokemon.

beat the elite four for the first time and suicune will be at burned tower

after you beat elite four, go to ss aqua in olivine city

he respawns in the burned tower after you beat the elite four again

Defeat the Elite four and catch the boat from Olivine to Vermillion

Your rival challenges you at the Pokemon league Mondays and Wednesdays.

Electrike can be found in the Safari Zone in the Plains area after the Elite Four.

After you Partner up with him in the Rocket Hq he will be the Pokemon League Champion in Elite Four.

train your pokemon up to level 80,90, or 100 and teach it TMs and HMs

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