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He gives him happier memories, to help Jonas cope with the immediate pain and to remind Jonas that the world is not a terrible place; that happiness does exist amongst the pain, and in greater amounts.

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The Giver gave Jonas the memory of war, specifically a scene where men were killing each other. This memory was intended to show Jonas the darker aspects of human nature and the consequences of conflict and violence.

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Q: What horrible memory did the giver give to Jonas this time?
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Did the giver give the memory of music to Jonas?

Yes, the Giver did give Jonas the memory of music. This memory opened Jonas' eyes to the beauty and power of music, which he had never experienced before in his community. It played a significant role in awakening his emotions and understanding of the world.

What job does The Giver give to Jonas?

The Chief Elder gave Jonas the Assignment of Receiver of Memory

What is the givers reaction on Jonas first memory?

The giver is pleased with Jonas's reaction to his first memory, as Jonas demonstrates understanding and empathy for the person in the memory. The giver sees potential in Jonas to become a good Receiver of Memory.

What memory did the giver give jonas so he could see other colors?

The Giver gave Jonas the memory of a red apple to help him see other colors. This memory allowed Jonas to perceive the color red for the first time and understand the concept of color beyond black and white.

What especially disturbing memory involving elephants does the giver give Jonas?

The Giver shares with Jonas a memory of an elephant being hunted and killed by poachers, which disturbs Jonas greatly as he comes to understand the brutality and violence that exists in the world.

What kind of memory did the giver try to transfer Jonas and why?

The Giver tried to transfer the memory of sledding down a hill in the snow to Jonas to help him experience joy and happiness. This memory was intended to give Jonas a positive and exhilarating experience, as he had been sheltered from such emotions in his community.

Why did the giver give Jonas the memory of sunburn?

So he will understand the relationship between pain and pleasure:p

In the book the giver what kind of memory did the giver give Jonaw after the memory of the war?

After the memory of war, the Giver gives Jonas the memory of Christmas. It is a happy memory filled with warmth, love, and holiday festivities, in contrast to the pain and destruction of war.

Why do you think the giver wouldn't give Jonas a release of pain when he give the memory of breaking his leg?

He probably don't believe you

What happened to the last receiver of memory?

The previous Receiver of Memory, known as the Giver, passed on the memories and knowledge to Jonas before choosing to leave the community and give those memories back to the people. Jonas then became the new Receiver of Memory.

What did the Giver give to Jonas?

his virginity

What did The Giver give?

The Giver gives memories to the main character, Jonas, to help him understand the truth about their society and the world outside. Through these memories, Jonas learns about love, pain, and the complexities of life that have been hidden from the community.