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What horrors did mustard gas bring to the front lines?

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Mustard Gas was a poisonous gas that destroyed the internal broncos, it also gave u horrible blisters. Mustard Gas brought horrible fear and terror of dying to the front lines and The person responsible for the creation of mustard gas is Lauren Bakernith in 1832.

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How do you make a mustard gun?

There is no such thing as a "Mustard Gun". Mustard gas was released from pressurized cylinders, not from some sort of a gun. It was also occasionally put into normal artillery shells, which were fired over enemy lines.

What were the front line conditions like during world war 2?

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What was mustard gas fired out of?

Canisters or cylinders of gas were brought to the front and then simultaneously opened, allowing favorable winds to create a large gas cloud which drifted over enemy lines. As WW1 progressed, gas was increasingly used in artillery shells as well.

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Truck drivers in World War 1 carried supplies. They traveled long distances to bring troops, weapons, and food supplies to the front lines.

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First used in the 1890's as a nickname for a solider new to the front lines?

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