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The Senate and the House of Representatives, together called the Congress.

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How many votes to pass bill?

To pass a bill to the president, there must be a majority vote in both houses (over 50%). If the president vetoes the bill, it still may pass, except this time it needs a 2/3 majority vote from both houses.

Can the president pass a bill?

Only if the bill is approved by both houses of Congress and the President can then sign the bill into a law

How can congress pass a bill over a presidential veto?

Congress can pass a vetoed bill with a two-thirds majority vote in both houses.

How do you pass a law in the US?

SHORT VERSION: A bill is introduced into Congress. Hearings are held on the bill in both houses of Congress. If both houses of Congress agree on the wording of the bill and pass it, it is sent to the President for his signature. If the President signs it, it becomes law.

How much does a bill need to pass by in order to go to the President?

A bill must pass by a simple majority in both houses of Congress before it goes to the President.

What fraction of a houses vote does a bill need to pass the first time?

2/3rd vote. Then the bill is sent to the President, and he must sign it to pass or he can veto it.

What is the first method for a bill being passed?

the first method to pass a bill is to pass it through both houses of legislature, buy a 2/3 majority in each.

Why does a bill have to pass both houses of Congress?

this is because the houses may have different opinions, so it must be agreed upon by both

This must pass congress and the president to become law?

I think you are referring to how a bill becomes a law. A bill must pass both houses of congress and then the president must sign it.

What vote is needed to pass a bill and send it to the president?

Both houses of Congress (House of Representatives and the Senate) need to pass the bill in order for it to be sent to the President to either sign or Veto.

How can congress pass a bill that the president vetoes?

Both Houses of Congress must pass the bill again with a 2/3 majority to make it a law over the President's veto; otherwise the bill dies and does not become law.

What vote is needed to pass a bill in both the house or reps and senate?

A simple majority in both houses is required to pass a bill in Congress. In every member votes, this means 51 senators and 218 representatives. If the President vetoes bill, it takes two-thirds of the members of both houses to override the veto.

Before a bill is sent to the president what must happen?

The bill must first pass in both houses of Congress by a 2/3 majority.

To pass a bill after it has been vetoed?

2/3 vote in both houses can overturn a presidential veto

What usually happens when the House and the senate pass different versions of the same bill?

A conference committee tries to work out a compromise bill bill acceptable to both houses

What powers can a president do to a bill?

I'm pretty sure that presidents can veto a bill and if this happens then enough votes from the other houses can have the bill pass anyway I hope this helped.

Which circumstance is congress least likely to pass a bill that the president has threatened to veto?

If the President's party majority holds a large majority in both houses of Congress, they are not likely to pass a bill that he says he is going to veto.

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