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Nothing Hunts the Cheetah

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lions hunt cheetahs

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Q: What hunts the cheetah?
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How does a cheetah find food for its cubs?


Cheetah - what are its social habits?

The cheetah usually lives and hunts in groups of three or more

Is the cheetah a predator to some animals?

The cheetah hunts many animals small and large.

Member of the cat family which hunts during the day?


How does the cheetah affect its environment?

The Cheetah is considered to be a dominant wild cat predator. The Cheetah hunts large herbivores helping to control the population.

Who hunts the King Cheetah?

== == A King cheetah is just a normal cheetah with slightly different markings on its fur. Cheetah are not hunted (except by man) but should a cheetah cross a lion, the lion or a hyena, it will be attacked. It is unlikely that a lion will eat a cheetah, however, hyena have no issues with eating cheetah.

How often does a cheetah eat at night?

A cheetah hunts by eyesight, so may not hunt during darkness. Also, lions and hyenas are often hunting at night, which makes it particularly dangerous for the cheetah.

What is the connotation of a cheetah?

has a good and bad meaning,the good is that a cheetah is a fast beautiful creature.the bad is it is a carnivore that hunts and also will kill humans if it feels threatened.

Are cheetahs nocturnal or diurnal?

The cheetah is a diurnal animal which means that it hunts for food during the day.

What predator hunts a cheetah?

Cheetahs are apex predators and, as adults, have few if any predators. However. lions. leopards, hyenas and other larger carnivores will take cheetah cubs.

What is the niche of cheetah?

Cheetahs occupy the niche of a meat eater that hunts moderately sized, fast-running animals.

What is the niche of a cheetah?

Cheetahs occupy the niche of a meat eater that hunts moderately sized, fast-running animals.

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