What hurts more Nerf or air soft?

Updated: 4/28/2023
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An air soft gun would hurt much more than a Nerf gun. A Nerf gun only shoots foam at an extremely slow speed but an air soft gun is pressurized and shoots bb's at a much faster speed.

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Q: What hurts more Nerf or air soft?
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Do air soft bbs hurt?

it hurts your mom

Does a Air-soft gun hurts?

It depends on where you are hit. And Yes it STINGS!

Does a Air soft gun hurts?

It depends on where you are hit. And Yes it STINGS!

Which is better an air-soft vest or an air-soft belt?

Air-soft vest because you can hold more stuff and it provides more padding

What is an alternative to air soft?

(in order of preference, Airsoft would be first)Paintball, nerf, laser tag, maby even water guns.

Does a 300 fps air soft gun hurt?

depends from what range but from say 10 feet it hurts a bit

What is the most fps in a air soft gun?

the most fps in a gun is 500 or more and my best gun is a mp44 because its 517 fps and it hurts and it feels like a bb gun

Is air soft blowback harmless?

No more harmful than regular Air Soft

What is the AR in a Nerf gun?

The AR is an acronym for Air Restrictor in a Nerf gun. When you look down the barrel of a Nerf gun you see a little peg, this on of the Air restrictors. It varies with each gun.

How do you make a homemade air soft sniper?

If you want it to be good you'll have to buy an inner barrel but if not just take a straw and put a balloon on the end with tape or some other way. It hurts pretty bad but if you want something long range take a nerf gun and pull out the top of a dart and put in a straw or inner barrel of an airsoft gun.

What is difference between air soft and soft-air?

Soft-air is a rip off of Air-soft

Why will a Nerf football go farther than a pro football?

A Nerf football is designed to be lighter and more aerodynamic than a pro football, allowing it to travel farther when thrown due to reduced air resistance. The soft, foam material also helps absorb impact and allows for better grip and spin, further enhancing its flight performance compared to a heavier, more rigid pro football.