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That means that heat energy is transferred from the hot cup, to the hands.

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Q: What if A woman picks up a cup of hot cocoa and feels her hands get warmer. What statement best explains what is happening?
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How is heat energy transfed from the cocoa to the spoon?

Assuming you have a cup of hot cocoa, then the heat transfer is by conduction

What are 2 energy conversions that takes place when you warm up a cup of cocoa in a microwave oven?

An energy conversion that takes place when you warm a cup of hot cocoa in a microwave is a transfer of heat from the microwave's microwaves to the hot cocoa.

Is a cup of cocoa thermal energy?

changes from heat energy to mechanical energy because the heat from the hot cocoa is heat energy and mechanical energy is when you move your hand to get the cup or when u drink the hot cocoa

Why does hot cocoa have a higher temperature than a cold milk?

Hot cocoa is warmed up to a higher temperature (due to solubility reasons). Milk is chilled and stored in the refrigerator.

What is it when energy from hot cocoa melts a marshmallow placed in it?

This is convection. Convection is the effect you get when hotter parts expand and have lower density than cooler parts. What you describe is "melting", with the temperature of the surrounding liquid being higher than the temperature of the marshmallow. So, heat flows from the hotter region to the cooler by conduction and eventually the temperature reaches the melting point.I'd suggest re-arranging that.Conduction transfers the cocoa's heat into the marshmallow, cooling the liquid in doing so.Convection helps to maintain the process by replacing the cooled cocoa with hot.When you place any chocolate in any fluid at a higher temperature than the melting point of chocolate, the chocolate will melt. Likea lump of ice in warm water. Convection playsno role at all- if you prevent convection by packing the fluid with small pebbles etc, the marshmellow will still melt. The heat is transferred by conduction, not convection.

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Does hot cocoa make you warmer?

sometimes it depends how other people are

How will the flow of thermal energy affect the cocoa?

because thermal energy always flows from warmer matter to cooler matter

Is Acacia C3 or C4 plant?

Cocoa is neither a C3 or C4 plant. Though it tends to live in warmer climates, it does not fit into either category.

What does caca mean in spanish?

Cocoa. As in the cocoa bean that goes in chocolate. Ignore the previous statement because someone posted that incorrectly; they probably meant Cacao, which is the actual word for the Cocoa bean that comes from the Cocoa tree and is used to make chocolate and chocolate products. Caca in Spanish means feces, poo. Some people use it as a descriptive word for something that is filthy.

What chemicals are produced from cocoa nut tree?

Derived products from cocoa bean: - cocoa powder - cocoa oil - cocoa butter - cocoa liquor - chocolate

Is cocoa made out of peanuts?

No, cocoa is made from the cocoa bean.

What is cocoa powder made of?

Cocoa powder is made from cocoa beans.

Is cocoa liquor and cocoa mass same?

Yes, both are the same. Cocoa mass is another name for cocoa liquor.

Center of a cocoa bean?

Cocoa beans grow in pods that grow from the trunk and branches of the cocoa tree.

Does cocoa butter contain caffeine?

No, but the cocoa liquor and cocoa powder parts of the cocoa bean do both contain caffeine.

How do you get a cup of cocoa in Petpet Park?

at the cocoa café in blizzard mountain from cocoa

What are cocoa soilds?

cocoa are the substances used to make chocolate . cocoa solids refer to that they are not natural , they are solids just like cocoa