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What if WikiAnswers didn't exist?


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then people would not know the answers to there questions.

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To exist, is the act of being real, or of being. WikiAnswers is of course the website containing this very question, so yes, it does in fact exist.

There are no reasons WikiAnswers should not exist, but plenty of reasons it should. One of the reasons is that it is a great source of information for almost any subject.

you be using a desktop :)

If you are asking a question and you are using WikiAnswers, it must exist. So it must be real.

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It is currently unsolved. (i am seaqueen2343 on WikiAnswers, just didnt log in =) )

If planet Earth is destroyed, then yes, WikiAnswers will disappear too. If onlt the humans will disappear, the website will still exist, but there will be no one to use it.

You cannot download the WikiAnswers database. One reason for this is because WikiAnswers is solely an internet resource, and you must use the internet to access WikiAnswers. If you didn't have to use the internet for WikiAnswers, WikiAnswers would not exist.

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Currently, there is no WikiAnswers mobile application. Though WikiAnswers is planning to go mobile, a WikiAnswers app does not exist right now.No, currently, there isn't a mobile WikiAnswers application, but there are plans for there to be one in the near future.No, there isn't an Application for WikiAnswers.

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The page might have been moved or deleted.

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