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To remand, or remanded, in general, means to send back. An appeals court may remand a case to the trial court for further action if it reverses the judgment of the lower court.

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Q: What if a case is remanded?
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Related questions

Is it good to have a case remanded?

Whether or not it is good to have a case remanded depends on how you have made out so far in the case and whether the reason for remand was favorable to your arguments.

Can a case be remanded when it is sent back for further proceedings to the court that originally heard the case?

When a cases is sent back for further proceedings to the court that originally heard the case, it is actually being remanded. Remanded means that the original court now has control over the case.

Return a case to a lower court?

Returning a case to a lower court means that the appeals judge has deemed that the case needs to be retried. The case may be said to have been reversed and remanded or just remanded.

What does reversed remanded jurisdiction relinquished?

It means the appelate court has reversed the trial courts finding (reversed) - and ordered the case returned to the lower court (remanded) - and has released (relinquished) its (the Appeals Courts) interest in the case back to the trial court.

What is a remanded federal court case?

When a case is remanded, it is sent from an appellate court to either a lower appellate court or the trial court with instructions to that court to take a particular action regarding the case. For example, if an appellate court vacates a conviction, it may remand the case to the trial court for a new trial.

Can you be remanded for restitution not paid?

It may depend on the court - the case - and the decision rendered in that case. In a criminal case, if you have violated the court's (the judge's) order by not making restitution, you could be remanded for contempt of court. In a civil case it is likely only that you would be punished by other (non-jail) legal measures.

What is it called when a appellate sends a case back to the trial court?

When a case is sent back to the trial court, it is "reversed and remanded", many people will just say "remanded". If a case is remanded, it means the original court made an error during the initial trial (which led to the appeal). The appellate court recognized and pointed-out the error, then sent it back to the trial court. The trial court is expected to re-hear the case, correcting the error.

Where do remanded federal court cases always go?

When a case is remanded it goes back to the court where it was originally tried. In the federal court system, that would usually be a US District Court.

What are the three rulings that are possible in a us court of appeals case?

Affirmed - Reversed - Remanded

What does Reversed and remanded mean?

A reversed and remanded law case has been granted certiorari. In other words, the Supreme Court has reversed it, but also given it back to the lower court for another decision.

When case is remanded means what?

A layman's answer is that it means that the court doing the remanding orders the case go back to a lower court for reconsideration.

What happens after a conviction is overturned and remanded?

The case is sent back to the lower court to be re-tried.

When the appellate court sends a case back to the trial court for further action it will state that the case is?

I think the word you're looking for is "remanded".

What is the decision made to send a case back to a lower court?

When an appellate court returns a case to a lower court for further action, it is remanded. This does not represent the entirety of the decision, however; the court may also reverse, vacate, affirm in part and reverse in part, etc. The reason the case is remanded and the expected action to be taken are also included in the decision.

What is a sentence that has the word remanded in them?

The man was remanded to jail.The judge remanded the defendant to jail without bond.

What happens when a court case is remanded?

It is sent back to the court of original jurisdiction to be re-tried or otherwise disposed of.

When a case is Reversed and Remanded what does that mean?

When a case is decided by a trial court, the losing party may appeal the case to an appellate court. If the appellate court finds that the trial court made a mistake, as a matter of law, then the judgment may be reversed meaning that the court is invalidating the trial court's decision. It is then remanded, meaning sent back to the trial court, so that a judgment in the losing party's favor will be recorded.

What happens when you violate 5 yr felony probation?

Worst case scenario: You will be remanded to jail to serve out the remainder of your sentence.

What ruling in an case appeal means the decision was unfairly reached and a new trial is ordered?

vacated and remanded for a new trial

What does it mean and when appellate court remands a case?

That means the case is sent back to the Trial Court that originally adjudicated the case. Usually cases that are remanded by the Appellate Court order further trial court proceedings.

What does 'remanded' mean?

In legal terms it can mean to "place into custody" or to send a case back to a lower court for some further action.

What does disposition of appeal mean?

The disposition of an appeal is the judge's final ruling in the case, or what he decides to do to it. The three most common dispositions are: Affirmed, in which the judge agrees with the lower court and the original ruling stands, Reversed, in which the judge disagrees with the lower court and invalidates that opinion, and Remanded, in which the judge sends the case down to a lower court for further action. Cases are often both reversed and remanded.

What happens if the lower court decision is reversed and remanded?

The case is re-tried, or perhaps (at the option of the prosecution) the charges may be dropped or reduced.

How does a motion to vacate help in a remanded case?

well a motion lets the judge know whats happening and if its good enough to trial against or sew.

What happens on a violation of 6 months probation?

It depends completely on the judge's discretion. The worst case scenario is that you can be remanded to jail to serve the remainder of your sentence.