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What if a child 17 ran away from another state?


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A minor can not legally leave the state without parental permission so this changes nothing.

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He ran away as he could not sit there any longer. The child ran away when his mother asked him to sit down.

It all depends on the circomstances on why they ran away in the first place.

If she left the state, file an injunction to return the child. Other than that, you will need to prep for a custody challenge. See links

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No. The child support goes to the parent who have custody to use to pay for the child. it does not go to the child directly. A runaway has no legal right to run away and if caught by the police they will bring him home. Just because you have not returned home does not mean you are allowed to stay away. If they have reported you as a runaway, anyone who helps you can be charged with helping or harboring a runaway with severe legal consequences.

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Punishment for runaway behavior, if applicable, varies from state to state, and many variables are considered, including the reason the child ran away (most of the time it's because of abuse, and the state may be reluctant to return the child to his home if that's the case), the child's age, with whom, and whether the child wants to return home. The sanction ranges from placement in foster care to juvenile detention, depending on whether the child is dependent (needs foster care due to abuse and/or neglect), or delinquent (runs away without just reason and has a history of doing so).

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