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What if a child wants to live with a grandparent?

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Then the child wants to live with a grandparent, but needs the legal guardian's or parent's consent.

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Can a child choose to live with a grandparent in Texas even if the father also wants custody and is not unfit?

In Texas, if a child is 14 or older, he/she can choose to live with a grandparent as long as permission is given by the custodial parent.

Can a grandparent get coustody of their 16 year old grandchild if the child wants to live with the grandparent and does the child have the right to move out of the parents' home?

The child have to be 18 in order to choose where to live but in some states the grandparents do have the right to seek custody. But unless the parents are found unfit I can't see that you would get custody.

Can a child get liver disease from a grandparent?

Yes if the child of the grandparent has traces of it.

Can a grandparent collect child support?

A grandparent can collect child support if they are the legal guardian or custodian of the child.

What is the safest way to collect your child from a grandparent who refuses to return the child?

I imagine the child is fond of his grandparent. Talk to the police so they can talk to the grandparent and explain the law to them. The grandparent might then change their mind.

In Mississippi can a minor choose which parent to live with if she does not live with the grandparent who has temporary custody and that grandparent wants to send her to live with her father?

Minor's are not allowed to choose with whom they wish to live, although the judge may speak with the child and take his or her opinions into consideration when making custodial decisions. Likewise, the grandparent who has temporary custody cannot release the minor into the custody of any other person including a parent without first obtaining permission from the court.

Can a fourteen year old child decide to live with a grandparent in Washington state if he has the consent of one parent?

A fourteen year can live with a grandparent if her parents are not opposed to it. If one parent is opposed, then the child cannot move unless the courts orders so.

Can a grandparent get coustody of their 16-year-old grandchild if the child wants to live with the grandparent and does the child have the right to move out of the parents' home?

A 16-year-old cannot leave home without parental consent. If they do and the parents call the police (and I'm assuming they would) then the police will pick the child up and return him/her home. Despite the fact that you are family, it is possible that you (the grandparent) could be charged with something along the lines of harboring a runaway/interring with child custody/contributing to the delinquency of a minor/etc (the exact charges depending on where you live). The grandparent can petition the court for custody, but unless they are able to prove the parents to be unfit in some way...

Explain the child parent grandparent method of making backups?

child is slow grandparent is slower and parent is the fastest.

Can a A minor with approval of parent go to live with a grandparent?

yes, as long as the parents agree to allow their child to live with their grandparents its fine as long as the grandparents can support the child.

Can a 13 year old live with an 81 year old grandparent?

Yes, so long as the grandparent is able to care for the child and he/she has the permission or rights to take care of them as a guardian.

Can a 14 year old in Florida decide if he wants to live with a grandparent in New York?

a 14 year old has the right and responsibility to chose where they live.

Can a grandparent get child support?

if you are the legal guardian and custodian of the child

Do you have to pay support if your child moves in with a grandparent?

It depends on your jurisdiction. In the United States the parents are required by law to support their children. If the grandparent has custody the child support payments must be paid over to the grandparent. It's your child and you should support her.

How old can a child be to live with a boyfriend in the state of Florida?

If a child wants to live with the child's boyfriend, then the child needs to be 18.

Can a minor child choose to live with grandparent?

Yes, as far as our law here in India is concerned. In the US a child can not choose where to live until they have reached the legal adult age, usually 18.

Can a fifteen year old leave his paternal grandparent who has permanent temporary custody and live with his sister and maternal grandparents in Georgia?

The judge will consider what the child wants but will not do what the child wants. The judge will make a determination based upon what he/she believes, within the framework of law and reason, is best for the child. A fifteen year old may have the right to say what he believes is in his best interest, but he does not get to make the final decision.

What is the minimum age to say who he wants to live with?

The minimum age that the child can decide who he wants to live with is 18 years.

Can a grandparent take your child from your home without permission from the mother then later file for custody?

If the grandparent likes the child a lot to a point they can do what ever they want to do .

Can a grandparent receive child supoort if the parent and grandparents have joint custody?

Yes the biological parents should pay child support for their child if the grandparent has physical custody of the child pursuant to a court order.

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