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If a dog has five toes on all four paws this could basically be a birth deformity. It is no cause for alarm but it would be a good idea to seek further help from your local vet.

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How many paws on a dog?

A dog has four paws. 5 toes on the front paws (including the dew claw) and 4 toes on the back paws. Some dogs have dew claws on the back feet also.

What can a dog do but a wolf can not do?

As far as I know wolves can do everything a dog can. (sorry lol) I guess having four toes on their back paws are something. Wolves have five toes on their back paws. Dogs only have four. (not including the dew claw).

Can dogs have five fingers on there paw?

Yes. Generally, a dog has five toes on the two front paws and four toes on their back paws. Some owners have their dogs "thumbs" removed as puppies.

How many nails does a dog have?

Conventionally, a dog has five toes on each of its fore paws, and four on each of its rear paws; each is clawed. This gives dogs a normal total of eighteen 'nails'.

Does the back paw of a dog has 4 toes?

"no they have 5 toes on all their paws......... eventually the fifth toe will go away because they are domestic."LMAO at the answer before mine! (Above)Dogs generally have four toes on their front paws and four on the back, including a fifth called the 'dew claw'. This toe is sometimes removed by breeders to meet breed standards. Some breeds don't have the fifth toe ('dew claw') on their back paws, but it's not because it went away, it's because they were never born with it. It all depends on the breed of the dog. Some breeds have four toes, some have five, and one breed even has six!

How many nails should a dog have?

Typically, a dog has five toes on each of its front paws, and four on each of its rear paws. Each of a dog's toes is clawed. This gives dogs eighteen 'nails'. Some dogs have dew claws on its back feet also, which would mean the dog will have twenty claws or 'nails'.

Why does your dog have 5 toes on only one of his hind paws?

it is mutated

How many toes are on a cheetah?

o cheetas do not have toes they have paws and it is just like a dog it has 4 nails

What has a dog?

A dog has a head, four legs and four paws, a tail, and a nose.

Do any dogs just have four toes on front paw?

yes, my dog only has 4 toes. 16 toes all together..

How does a dog paw differ from a coyote paw?

Dog paws differ from coyote paws in several very subtle ways. Such as the toes, in a dog the inner toes are bigger while on the coyote they are smaller. Another difference is the shape, a dog paw is slightly round and a coyote paw is more oval.

What is hominidae?

homindae is when you are identical to a dog. with four legs and paws.

How many toes does an African Wild Dog have?

They have for toes on each foot.

How do you stop dog from licking his paws all the time?

If your dog is constantly licking it's paws then it may have allergies. If it is not allergies there is a spray out there that is all natural and you can spray it on their paws so when they lick them it tastes bad.

What kind of dog is puppy paws?

Puppy Paws (along with all of The Buddies) is a Golden Retriever.

What kind of dog is on the Mighty Dog commercial?

its got four legs and im thinking a wet nose and paws

What animals have four paws?

dogs( go to against dog abuse on face book)

The feet of the dog?

the right awser is the dogs paws the paws of the dog are on the bottom of the dogs body and if u had paws u would be a dog

How many paws does a dog have?

4 Dogs have four paws unless it has have some sort of surgical intervention. It has five toes on each foreleg and 4 on the hindlegs. On the hind legs there is a fifth toe located higher up the paw which is called the dewclaw, this is sometimes removed by the breeder as it can occasionally cause complications although this is a practice rarely done in modern dog breeding.

Will your dog get along with your guinea pig?

All I know is that my dog licks my guinea pig's toes when she has her paws up on her cage! So, my dog and guinea pig get along great! Sometimes they can get on really well; but if you are going to introduce them for the first time, make sure that the dog can't get to the guinea pig but can see him.

What does it mean when a dog has big paws?

a puppies' paws usually represents how big your puupy will be. big paws, big dog.

How many fingers do dogs have?

Unless the dog is a mutant it won't have fingers. You could call their digits "toes", in which case, a typical dog will have 4 toes on each hind leg and 5 toes on each front leg. The grand total is 18 toes. The front legs typically have 4 toes on the ground and a dew claw that doesn't touch the ground, which is to say, dog tracks show four toes.

How many toes do a dog have altogether?

A dog has 20 toes altogther

Is it normal for a dog to have six toes on the back foot?

A number of mutations of the LMBR1 gene, in dogs, humans, and mice, can cause polydactyly.[16] Dogs, like other canids, normally have four claws on their rear paws; a fifth is often called a dewclaw and is especially found in certain dog breeds,[16] including the Norwegian Lundehund and Great Pyrenees. Information from wikipedia It is not normal for a dog to have six toes on its rear feet, polydactyly is an abnormality of the genes, very ancient dogs had six toes on each foot, A puppy about 8 months old strayed into our garden yesterday, she has 6 toes on her rear feet, so I suppose it's not that rare after all

How many feet does a dog have?

Dogs normally have four feet, or, as they're more properly called, paws.

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