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you get with her and ask her out then rape her

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Q: What if a girl says she likes you a decent amount what does that mean?
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What does prianka mean?

it's mean a decent girl

If a girl smiles at me does it mean she likes me?

No, it does not necessarily mean that a girl likes you just because she smiled at you.

Why would guy stare at girl after finding out she likes him?

It could mean that he likes the girl that likes him. :)

What does it mean when a little boy hits a little girl he likes?

That means the boy likes the girl What elsa does that mean.

What does it mean when a guy keeps telling a girl that she likes him does that mean he likes her?


What does it mean when a guy likes a girl?

the guy is attracted to the girl and falls for or likes dearly to her

When a girl smiles at you or she blushes that mean she likes you?

she likes you alot

What does it mean when a boy keeps texting you?

Honestly, it means he likes you enough to text you a decent amount. Doesnt necessarily mean he LIKE likes you though. Definitely look out for other signs as well. More in-person though. Through text could be anything.

What does it mean when a girl asks what do you want me to do?

That means he girl likes you and answer that question by telling the girl something she likes to do. If you don't know what the girl likes to do then you're a goner

What does it mean when a girl is mean to a boy?

she probly likes him

What does it mean when a girl says she likes my pupils?

The girl could be implying by saying she likes you pupils that she really likes you eyes.

When girl smiles when she talks to you does that mean she likes you?

That doesn't always mean she likes you, but she might be interested.

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