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Then the guy likes you and his friend hates you.

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Q: What if a guy likes you but his friends hate you?
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How do you find out a guy likes you?

You know when a guy likes you when they talk about you to their friends or pretty much pretend they hate you. Aren't guys weird?

If a guy says he doesnt hate you does he like you?

yah if he doesnt "HATE" you then he likes you both as friends so dont get to sad about it ok ;D

What do you do when you hang out with the guy you like and your friends and your siblings hate him?

try asking your friends and siblings why they hate him.

You like this guy were best friends but you dont know if he likes you the same way and his friends hate you what do you do?

Does he tend to stick up for you around his friends maybe ask around and or just come out and say it

What do you do if a guy likes you but your friends likes him?

go for it one of you will win him

How do you flirt with a guy who your friends hate?

it doesn't matter what your friends think!!!!!!!! if you like the guy do what you want to do!!!!!!!!!

What should you do if the guy you had a crush on likes you but now you hate him?

Well maybe tell him why you now 'hate' him

What if a guy likes a girl older than her but she likes them as friends?

Your luck.

Does a guy hate me if he takes the long way round just to avoid walking past me and my friends?

not nessairly. maby he likes you or one of your friends and is worried about saying or doing something dumb if he goes near you and your friends

How do you tell a girl you like her if her friends hate you?

IF the girl likes you back she will not care what her friends think. Her friends may hate you but your not telling her friends you like them your telling HER. Her friends will eventually get used to it.

If you know your best friend likes this guy and when of your guy friends knows he likes her how can we set them up?


What do you do when your best frined likes this guy but you like that guy and he like you?

then be friends with him

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