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it depends! if the mouse had rabies or a bad sickness then the guinea pig coud POSSIBLE die. but not very likely.


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A dog will not die if it ate mouse food once, however, if it ate nothing but mouse food it wold die of malnutrition. If a dog ate mouse POISON or BAIT, It would likely die if not taken to a vet.

a guinea pig and a mouse aren't the same the guinea pig must have its own type of food like alphalpha pelets and hamsters should eat seeds,nuts,etc. Seeds and nuts are like poison to a guinea pig if the guinea pig and mouse are just eating alphalpha pelets (not seeds) i would say its ok.

Yes the can definitely die of stress but the biggest killer is when they are scared. They ate petrified of dogs.

no it contains honey and guinea pigs only eat fruits and vegis if they ate a cherrio he/she would be sure to die.

It depends on how much poison the mouse ate and how big your dog is. You should probably call your vet, but if you aren't sure if you need to, you should watch your dog closely.

every thing that ate plants would die causing every thing that ate the animals that ate theplants to die,so everything would die.

the answer is... dog ate turtle food and didn't die.

Everything that ate the plants would die causing everything that ate the animals that ate the plants to die. so everything would die.

He ate spoiled food that gave him dysentery.

your guinea pig would either die or just get sick and if it does get sick then take it to a vet immedeatly <-(i think that's spelled wrong srry

No you can not unless it just ate poison but is still alive to let you drink it which is highly impossible so no.

if it ate food poison or chocolate or maybe old food

The food chain. If the trees die the animals who ate the trees for food would die which would leave humans with no food causing us to die.

She ate some of Paula's food that was not cooked all the way .

The food chain would be bad and all animals would die so what ate the turtles would die and what ate the tutrtles would die and it would keep going it would be awful then we would die! :(

no it will die quickly so say good bye to your dog if it ate poo from a guinea pig Whoever said that above me is just breaking your balls no it will most likely not die just don't let it happen again.

hard to tell, the cat will normally seem the same. but the death doesnt normally come in till it falls asleep. it will die painlessly in its sleep.

no it will not die i have a male guinea pig he did not die from mating

The food chain would disrupt. Mouse-eating cats will die, Cat-eating dogs will die, and so on.

no, they can get sick or worse die (DO NOT TRY IT CAN LEAD TO POSSIBLE DEATH) :)

A baby mouse would eat any food on the floor. or it would die if it doesin't get any food

No you should never give raisins to guinea pigs they will die if you do. Only feed them guinea pig nuggets or other guinea pig food especially for them or fruit and vegetables but don't give them runny foods like tomatoes.

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