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well if a pop star is not pop they are not a pop star there a singer

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Q: What if a pop star is not pop?
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Is Katy perry a rock star or pop star?

She is more of a Pop star, then a Rock star.

Where did the name pop star come from?

music is derived from pop culture, so a music star is therefore referred to as a 'pop star'.

When was Pop's Ultimate Star created?

Pop's Ultimate Star was created in 2007.

Does any pop star have Facebook?

YES nearly every Pop-star has Facebook

Who is the famous pop star in Canada?

Justin Beiber is the famous pop star in Canada

What is the duration of K-pop Star?

The duration of K-pop Star is -6600.0 seconds.

Is kesha a pop star?

She is not sure she considers herself as both a rock star and a pop star.She thinks herself as a rock star referring to the way she dresses.And a pop star referring to her songs

When did Hannah montanta become a pop star?

Hannah Montana became a pop star in about 2006.

When was Death of a Pop Star created?

Death of a Pop Star was created on 2010-12-21.

When was K-pop Star created?

K-pop Star was created on 2011-12-04.

When did K-pop Star end?

K-pop Star ended on 2012-04-29.

Can you be a pop star when ever you want?

of course you can. BE A STAR. =]

What rhymes with pop-star?

mop-star rhymes

What is a diva in a pop world?

A wwe diva pop star

How old is the youngest pop star?

Willow Smith, who is 10 years old, is the youngest pop star.

Who is the oldest living pop star?

I suppose it depends on how exactly you define "pop star" but it appears Vera Lynn is the oldest pop star as of February 2018. She was born March 20th 1917.

When did alesha dixon become a famous pop star?

alesha dixon became a pop star at the age of 18

How did Tinie Tempah pick his pop star name?

Tinie Tempah Chose His Pop Star Name From A Dictionary .

What are the names of Zeus' 2 sons?

pop head and pop star

Is keasha a pop star?

yes because she writes pop music

Did pop star Madonna die?


Who is the latest pop star?


Is matti b a pop star?

he is not

Is it easy being a pop star?


Why did she become a pop star?