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Ask Them Who They Are Off

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Q: What if boyfriend is getting a lot of calls on cell?
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Why am I getting calls to my cell phone from out of state cell numbers I don't recognize?

The calls might be from your cell phone server. I get those a lot too but it might be from marketers trying to sell things and trying to get you a vote for someone but if you do not recognize the number you probably shouldn't answer it. But yeah it might be from whoever your cell phone server is trying to get you a update or something like that.

Boyfriend calls his girlfriend his best friend?

It just means he cares a lot about you. He wouldn't be dating you if he deidint like you

How do you know if your friend likes your boyfriend?

if she calls him a lot...if she talks about him more than you do or she cant stop smiling whenever shes around him

When your boyfriend calls you darling what does it mean?

means he thinks a lot of you and is comftable enough to call you that

What are signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you if you are in a long term relationship?

If he spends a lot of time away from you or won't answer your calls, or if he isn't romantically or physically attracted to you as he was in the very beginning.

If someone from another country calls your cell phone will it show up on your bill?

Yes, No. If you have Verizon it will cost a lot. But if you have AT&T it won't cost you a lot. I hope that answers the question!

How much does a international cell phone cost to buy and operate?

You have to contact your cell provider and get setup with accepting and making international calls. They typically cost a lot more money than normal calls. The cheapest is to call through Skype or use a webcam.

If a guy tells you he cares about you and really likes you a lot and is getting attached to you what is he trying to tell you?

hes telling her he wants to be her boyfriend.

What does it mean if a boy calls another boys name a lot .like at school when my friend sees me hes a boy and im a boy he smiles and calls my name over and over again all excited?

If another boy calls another boy's name a lot then it means that he is getting fond of the other boy.

What cell phone provider holds the best cell phone plans?

What might be considered the best cell phone plan totally depends upon what the usage of the phone will be. Someone who texts a lot will want a different plan from someone who calls a lot or uses the internet a lot. It is best to work out what the phone will be used for and then find the best permutation.

What is disadvantages of cell phone?

Lot of time is getting wasted in a way that you can't realised that you lost that much

Getting back at my boyfriend?

Don't even attempt that one because us guy's will make u feel a lot worse if you try.

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