What if everyone recycled?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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it would be good

If everyone is recycled, every body will be very happy. But there will be no evolution, no revolution, no progress and no end. Then we wouldn't have to use as many resources. That would help the world, as a whole, and save the Natural Resources so that we do not deplete the O-zone layer. If we deplete the O-zone, it is said that the sun will basically make the Earth a huge oven. Everything will be heated up and, if the sun gets close enough, burned.

If everyone were to recycle, that would be a HUGE help.

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Q: What if everyone recycled?
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saves our resources

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This toilet paper is recycled.The bottles will be recycled so they can be reused instead of thrown away.If everyone recycled then the world would be much cleaner.

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