What if ice cubes are put in kerosene?


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The ice cubes will sink.

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The ice cubes will melt and turn into liquid

If you put ice cubes in a bowl or whatever of hot water, the ice cube is sure to melt when put so says science.

Put ice cubes in disposal and run water as usual until ice cubes are shredded.

Melting of the ice cubes if the temperature of water is maintained above 0 0C.

Dont put them in your mouth that should help

FAT or put lots of salt around your stash of ice cubes and then cover it in a bunch of hay or put them in a nice cold freezer.

ice cubes that melt are called as melting ice cubes

Because ice box is a thermal insulator

density of kerosene is less than ice

The colder ice cubes would take longer to melt than the hot ice cubes...

Ice does float, but if you put in multiple ice cubes, the ice cubes underneath can't push up over and on top, so it looks like they're floating in the middle of the glass.

The sound of the popping comes from the ice cube shattering or cracking. The liquid that the ice cubes are dropped into is warmer than the cubes, so the cube startes to warm, which causes the ice to expand, making it crack and hence the popping sound.

Ice cubes cause extra fizz in a Coke because of the temperature. The ice is much colder than the soda, so it fizzes when it is put into it.

First thing that will happen is the water will rise depending on the amount of ice cubes put in. As the water gets colder, the ice cubes will start to melt turning into water.

Ok the ice cubes melt and so does the bag. There and your mom cleans it out. so yeah Ok the ice cubes melt and so does the bag. There and your mom cleans it out. so yeah they melt

They do have ice cubes in Germany.

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