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The ice cubes will sink.

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If ice cubes are put in kerosene, the ice will melt due to the higher temperature of the kerosene. Kerosene has a lower freezing point than water, so it will not freeze the water in the ice cubes. The ice will eventually melt and mix with the kerosene, but they will not chemically react with each other.

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Q: What if ice cubes are put in kerosene?
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Would ice cubes melt in hot water first or will the ice cubes freeze the water first?

The ice cubes will melt in the hot water first. The heat energy from the hot water will transfer to the ice cubes, causing them to melt.

Can you put ice cubes in the air conditioner?

No, it is not recommended to put ice cubes in the air conditioner. The AC unit is designed to cool the air by removing heat, not by using ice cubes. Putting ice cubes in the AC can cause damage to the unit and reduce its efficiency.

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Ice cubes do eventually melt in an icebox, but at a slower rate compared to room temperature due to the insulation of the icebox. The icebox helps maintain a lower temperature inside, slowing down the melting process of the ice cubes.

Is it harmful to put water in the freezer?

Not if you want ice cubes.

What will happen if you put 3 ice cubes in a plastic cup for 10 minutes and then for the other 10 minutes you put the 3 ice cubes in a paper cup?

The ice cubes will melt at a relatively equal rate in both the plastic and paper cup. The paper cup may allow for slightly more heat transfer due to its thinner material, but the difference in melting time should be minimal. Both cups will have water from the melted ice cubes after 20 minutes.

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