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Q: Can you put ice cubes in the air conditioner?
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What will happen if you put 3 ice cubes in a plastic cup for 10 minutes and then for the other 10 minutes you put the 3 ice cubes in a paper cup?

it will dissolve into water and if you put it on paper it will dissolve in air

What is the effect on temperature when ice water is put in the room temperature water?

Yes, the number of ice cubes does affect the temperature of water. It does so in two ways. First, the greater the mass of ice cubes in the water, the greater the cooling effect.But even if you have the same mass of ice - in one large cube or lots of small cubes, the water with more cubes will cool quicker. This is because there is a greater surface area. Although this will make no difference in the long term in a perfectly insulated container, in normal circumstances, there will be some heat gained through the surroundings and so there will be a tendency towards the ambient temperature. So the shorter term effect does matter.

If you wish to cool something by placing it in contact with ice should you put it on top of the ice block or put the ice block on top of it?

You should put ice block on top of it

What happens when you put ice cubes into liquid water?

This is called Phase Change.Water is one of the few matters that can become a liquid, solid, and gas. If you freeze water, which is in a liquid state, it changes into a solid state. If you heat the liquid, you see the liquid escaping in the form of bubbles and changing into a gaseous state. These states of matter are only the physical properties. There is no change in its chemical composition. Ice and water vapor continue to be water in different forms or states.

When you put ice cubes into water why does the drink become cooler?

The ice water cools the glass down, meaning it is now cooler than room temperature. This causes the gases in the air to cool when they hit the glass. The gases then cool to become liquid leaving condensation (or mist as you have said) on the outside of the glass. =]

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Can you put ice in a portable air conditioner?

No, you can not put ice into a portable air conditioner. I think you are actually referring to a portable air cooler, in which case, you can put ice into the water chamber.

What if ice cubes are put in kerosene?

The ice cubes will sink.

What will happen if you put 3 ice cubes in a plastic cup for 10 minutes and then for the other 10 minutes you put the 3 ice cubes in a paper cup?

it will dissolve into water and if you put it on paper it will dissolve in air

Can you put ice in front of air conditioner?

Yes you can put ice in front of your air conditioner. And as a matter of fact, for each ton of ice that you use up, you will have gotten a ton of cooling done. This is the origin of the term "Ton" as it is applied to cooling. A ton of cooling is 12,000 btuh. So if you use up a ton of ice per hour, it will give you the same cooling effect as a 12,000btuh window air conditioner!

Would ice cubes melt in hot water first or will the ice cubes freeze the water first?

If you put ice cubes in a bowl or whatever of hot water, the ice cube is sure to melt when put so says science.

Garbage disposal sharpening?

Put ice cubes in disposal and run water as usual until ice cubes are shredded.

Why dont ice cubes melt when they are put in an ice box?

FAT or put lots of salt around your stash of ice cubes and then cover it in a bunch of hay or put them in a nice cold freezer.

Is it harmful to put water in the freezer?

Not if you want ice cubes.

What happens to the temperature of the drink when you put ice cubes in it?

the temperature decreases

When you put ice cubes in a jar what happens to the outside of the jar?


Why is glass a good insulator for ice?

It's not. When you put ice in a glass the glass quickly becomes cold. Glass actually is a good insulator because in the summer when you have the air conditioner on in your house, glass keeps the hot air out and the cool air in.

Why do ice cubes stick together at times?

A cold glass of water sometimes causes water vapour from the surrounding air to condense onto the surface of the glass. The same thing happens with ice cubes, but instead the water droplets condensing on the surface, they will instantly freeze and 'weld' ice cubes together. They also can stick together if put into a drink, where again, the water in the drink near the surface of the ice cube may get cold enough to freeze and cause the ice cubes to fuse together.