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He could have won a lot easier. And this would happen

  1. Defeats Britain and Russia in 1816
  2. In 1842 he dies suceeded by his son (who lives until 1921)
  3. His son's son takes his place at 25, defeat's the Nazi's and the Soviet's
  4. Defeats North Korea and Vietnam
  5. Makes a deal with America

-- OR -- he would not have had the jet fuel to fly it, the runway to get it airborne, the flight crew to work the controls, the ground crew to load the bombs that they didn't have anyway, and so on.

If he had it parked on the battlefield somewhere, maybe the best he could hope for would be to have a version of the B-52 with the tail machine guns (I think they'd be twin .50 cal?), enough bullets, and the plane pointed in the right direction (backwards). This gun and the shock of seeing that BUFF (B-52 nickname - Big Ugly Fat Fu...Fellow) in all its silver glory (unless it had the green or the grey scheme) would have either turned the tide of battle, or gotten him burned as a witch.

-- OR --

It would depend on which one of them it was - the bassist, for example, was awesome!

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It wouldn't have helped him a bit since jet fuel and airports had not yet been invented.

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Q: What if Napoleon had a B-52 at the Battle of Waterloo?
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