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Use the code backwards then press on the sun. it opens the fountain.

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Q: What if the code in astro nights poptropica doesn't work?
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What is the code to get to the fire place in astro nights pooptropica?

You mean Poptropica!

How do you crack the portal code in astro nights?

There Is None !

On poptropica on Astro nights do you get more fuel?

you go by the hay bales and separate them and use the key you key inside the fountain if you put the code in and go in the cell and get the fuel

How do you enter the Secret passage in poptropica on astro knight island?

you have to get a code and awnser .as always you5527

What is the code on poptropica astro knights islands in the space ship?

X:56 y:52

Where is the key to the under ground thing in astro nights?

ther is a code moon planet star sun

What is the code to launch the space ship on astro knights island in poptropica?

x-56 y-52

What is the code to get the spacesuttle going on astro knights poptropica?

get the page from the princess's room,under her bed and it will say

Astro knights - fountain code - poptropica?

In Poptropica's Astro-Knights Island, to find the Fountain Code, you need to retrieve the missing letter from Mordred's room. Once you get the missing letter, use it to decode the message and obtain the code for the fountain in the Knights' Chamber. Use the code to unlock the fountain and progress in the quest.

What is the code for the spaceship for poptropica?

code for a spaceship? if u mean the spaceship u need for astro knights island, there isn't 1. idk who told u there's a code, but there isn't and they were lying sry!

On poptropica on astro knights island what is the destonation code for the flying saucer?

x-56 y-52 it will get you to the moon. the moon is the only place you can go on the flying saucer

Code 12 for 1994 Chevy Astro van?

i have a code 12 on my chevy astro van what it means