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very likely you should get a pregnancy kit and test yourself or go to a clinic. A. R.

2007-06-20 04:39:22
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What are the chances of getting pregnant if the condom slipped off halfway outside of the vagina after he ejaculated?

if for some reason the sperm my have enter your body that could be a question. if the head of the codom was full you should be ok

What are the chances that you are pregnant if you took plan b 2 hours after the condom slipped off?

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What are the chances of being pregnant if the condom slipped off after he fully ejaculated?

Probably slim to none depending onif the semen touched your opening at all...but you better take a pregnancy test or the day after pill if you're your intuition its usually right

What are the chances of getting pregnant if the condom slipped off while pulling out and was immediately removed?

there is a slim chance of pregnancy.

The condom slipped once inside her and she took plan B... four days later the condom slipped inside her again ...what are the chances of her getting pregnant?

You don't want to know the chances of her being pregnant. You want to know if she is pregnant. An old stats teacher told the joke: "All chances are 50-50. Either an even will happen, or it won't. " The chances of her being pregnant is a meaningless idea. Have her take an otc test, or take a trip to her doctor, or wait a few weeks.

If I'm on my first pack of Birth control pills and used a condom but he ejaculated and it slipped off but recently had an abortion can you get pregnant?

Yes its possible you could conceive. Take Plan B.

When can an IUD fail?

if it has punctured the uterus wall, or if it has slipped out without you knowing.

Can you become pregnant from sperm on your leg close to the vagina?

Depending how high on the leg, and the proximity to the vagina, the semen was ejaculated, but the chances of becoming pregnant under those circumstances, are sliim to none. If the condom slipped off the penis while still inside the vagina, that is a different story. Are you absolutely sure that didnt happen? The only sure way to know is to wait until you either missed or gotten your period. Yes, because some sperm could have gotten inside of you. Yes if it is on the top of the thighs close to the vagina then u can get pregnant

After he had ejaculated he noticed that the condom had slipped up slightly There was seman inside the condom but i felt slightly more wet afterwards could i be pregnant?

not necessarily, however, I would get tested, to be on the safe side and I would think about going on secondary BC, like the pill, Nuvaring, etc.

Condom slipped off with withdrawal but opening stayed outside of you?

You can get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if the guy kept his penis inside you after he came and the condom slipped off?


What are your chances of pregnant Is it possible to get pregnant if the condom slipped up the penis but did not come all the way off I also took the morning after pill but still no period?

yes it is possible to get pregnanthave you looked at the morning after pill on the internet to see any symptoms it might have on you? because it can cause temporary abnormalities while taking should also go to the chemist & but a pregnancy test if you're worried about getting pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if the guy's hand transfers sperm from a slipped condom?

If the man's penis slipped out of the condom (must be an extra large condom) and he came inside you then it's quite possible.

Can a girl be pregnant if your condom slipped off during intercourse but you didn't come?

It depends on if he pre comes.

What is the past and past participle of slip?

slipped /slipped I slip, I slipped, I have slipped

If you had an IUD in placed could you have a miscarriage if you didn't know?

Yes the chances are there if the I.U.D has slipped without your knowledge, and pregnancy could well start.

How possible is it to be pregnant after a condom slipped off after sex and was half hanging out of the vagina with no semen on her but some on the bed?

I am not a doctor, but I would say that, if you are sure that no semen entered the vagina, then it is not likely the woman is pregnant. Even with the use of a condom, there is still a chance (usually like 3%, condoms are generally considered 97% effective). If the condom slipped off before the guy pulled out, then there would be a chance some semen got inside the vagina. However, if it slipped off while the guy was pulling out, that reduces the chances. I will note here that the directions on the condom box specifically say for the guy to hold onto the base of the condomw hile pulling out to prevent situations such as this. Hope this helps.

If a condom slipped off outside your vagina and had no semen in it only pre-ejaculate fluid could you get pregnant?


After having tubal ligation clamps can you get pregnant and still have a period?

A tubal ligantion does not stop you from having a menstrual cycle. I have heard cases where one becomes pregnant, but that's because the clamp slipped or broke off. So if the clamps slipped or broke off so is the tubal will be scar with the plastic tubal clamp.

If you are on birth control and using it correctly and used a condom but the condom slipped off or broke what are the chances of pregnancy?

The same as if you were using birth control alone.

Is slipped an adjective?

It can be (slipped disk). The word slipped is the past tense and past participle of the verb (to slip) and can be used as an adjective meaning "having slipped."

How do you know Angie from full throttle saloon is pregnant?

She slipped and said it during one of her interviews toward the end of the show...and she's GLOWING!

What is the past tense of the verb slip?

It is 'slipped'

Can you get pregnant if the condom broke with pre-ejaculate fluid in it if he was not in you and you were not having sex he was just rubbing it on you?

no i dont think you can if he pulled out before the condom slipped....

What are the symptoms of a slipped disc in cats?

It's unlikely that a cat would have a slipped disc for two reasons: a) cats have short lives (what are the chances of a 14 year old human having a slipped disc?) b) cats are not bipedal organisms, therefore the pressure on their discs is minimal compared to ours. However, if a cat were to have a slipped disc, the symptoms would be impossible to determine without an MRI, as we cannot ask our cats to describe how they feel. If you suspect your cat of having a slipped disc, then take it to a vet. Though I should mention that any pinched nerve in a cat is more likely caused by a cyst than a herniation.