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Q: What if the nstp of my choice is not offered in my school?
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Why nstp being offered?

the nstp is being offered is the one of goal

Why are female students are required to enroll in NSTP?

As of 2013, female students are required to enroll in NSTP. NSTP stands for National Service Training Program which is a defense preparedness and civic education program that is offered by the Government of the Philippines.

Who responsible in supervising the NSTP to student?

The school

What are the expectation of nstp 1?

is an activity of school, were the NSTP students are going out from school and going to different places where they will feed some malnourished children .

Why do we need to study nstp?

we need to study nstp. or the national service training program to improve ourselves on helping others specially we need to study nstp to learn how to help or how to communicate with other people through helping them, because nstp is not only focused on rotc, but also in commuty service,


is responsible in supervising the nstp students

What lead agencies will monitor the implementation of the NSTP?

School authorities will manage the implementation and monitoring of NTSP in their schools.The school authorities and the Department of National Defense will jointly manage its implementation.

What if the nstp cannot be taken up during regular semester?

If you can not take the NSTP during the regular semester, you will need to speak to your counselor at your school. The student advisor can point you in the direction as to when you can take it.

What is the importance of NSTP to the students?

what is nstp?

Aim of nstp?

NSTP aims to

What is the origin of nstp?

Faq the nstp

What is the difference of NSTP 1 from NSTP 2?

In NSTP-CWTS 1, it is more on lecture while in nstp-cwts 2, it is more on application of what you learned on nstp 1. During nstp-cwts2, you will make a project proposal to be implemented during nstp2....